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Dating Over Thirty is a sub for discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30. **This is not a place to post personals or 'looking for' or hookups.** 159k If You're Over 30 And Single, You Should Be Using Tinder. ... Because much of the criticism of Tinder seems to actually be, implicitly, a criticism of the machinations of dating, and the ways in which dating causes people to, sometimes, show their worst, judgmental, passive aggressive selves instead of their best selves. ... Nearly everyone who is single in their 30s has dealt with some form of heartbreak—be it ghosting, cheating, or death.But it’s time to leave the past behind. The third date is not a good time to discuss how your ex cheated on you for three years and you didn’t realize it until a scandalous photo was sent to you from an anonymous email account. Women Over 30 Dating Reddit, rencontre rastaman, new westminster dating, rencontre italie portugal. blackhawk81. noname, 39 ans, Femme Social networks can improve the usability of the site and help to promote it via the shares. ... Come in and meet people over 30! Whether you're looking for friends, partners, drinking buddies, or friends with benefits, this is the place on Reddit to find people over age 30 to meet in real life. You don't have to be 30 to be a member, but if you want to post you need to be 30+. 78.2k. Members. 219. 'Dating apps over the age of 30 tend to focus more on meaningful relationships and specific interests. Dating app users tend to say that there's a dating app for everyone, and it's true,' said Gabriel Rotman, one of the co-creators of Jabo , a dating app designed around doing things specifically with people over 30 in mind. Being Single In Your 30s Is Hard Enough, But When You Reach This Age, You May Find Other Singles Amongst You. The Catch Is That The Guys Who Stay Single Are This Way For A Reason, And It's Better ... Dating Over Thirty is a sub for discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30. **This is not a place to post personals or 'looking for' or hookups.** 159k The bad news is your 20s are over. The good news is that now you’re in your 30s. When it comes to mingling with members of the opposite sex, these two decades come with competing rulebooks. Daniel Miessler is a cybersecurity expert and author of The Real Internet of Things, based in San Francisco, California.Specializing in RECON/OSINT, Application and IoT Security, and Security Program Design, he has 20 years of experience helping companies from early-stage startups to the Global 100. Daniel currently works at a leading tech company in the Bay Area, leads the OWASP Internet of ...

Dating Over 30: Because dating is hard, no matter how old you are.

2014.11.04 00:18 Dating Over 30: Because dating is hard, no matter how old you are.

Dating Over Thirty is a sub for discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of 30. **This is not a place to post personals or "looking for" or hookups.**

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AskMenOver30 is a place for supportive and friendly conversations between over 30 adults.

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2020.07.10 20:48 David_VI 'Reddit Classic League' S4 Round 6 FINAL! Theatre Of Magic (And Creature Results)

This post contains the following;

Season 4 Info

To play in this virtual pinball league you can be a PinballFX3 player on any platform (excluding Android), just register here by filling the form and then find the game under 'Next Round Info' on this post or on the Google sheet, play the tournament and once it's over I will record the scores and input them into the sheet.
If you haven't registered by the end of the season I will remove your scores from the final ranking. To be sure your scores will count please register, even if you played in previous seasons.
Here are the sheets, for info on scores and current round
There's a bad site, which has rough FAQ and pulls a bit of the info from the spreadsheets
Be aware this league is played on 'Classic Arcade' settings with only 10 attempts. You can play these attempts when you like before the 7 days are up.
If you're interested in a Zen physics league with powerups, u/russellvt is running one in parallel to this one, :) (Although it might not support all platforms due to being created on Xbox)

Previous Round Results

Round 5: Creature From The Black Lagoon
I'm happy with my score, I didn't get a chance to use all of my attempts due to how busy I am at the moment but still, i'm happy with that! It's my highest to date and i'm not sure if I would have improved on it anyway.. It feels good to be near the top 5, a very rare occasion for me!

In game name Reddit name overall pts Scores points won
1 REDD u/makingtacosrightnow USA 227 5,382,000,000 39 1
2 PinStratsDan u/PinStratsDan ZAF 244 6,534,000,000 44 2
3 Mankey u/Mankeycubing GBR 248 30,983,000,000 60 3
4 colvert u/colvert_fr FRA 186 6,708,000,000 45 4
5 nurse hillary Please Register 90 6,436,000,000 43 5
6 BlackLazza u/BlackLazza NZL 139 5,121,000,000 38 6
7 David_VI u/David_VI GBR 150 1,246,000,000 16 7
8 shutyertrap u/BlahCade USA 193 2,686,000,000 25 8
9 wilbers u/wilberryc GBR 198 5,485,000,000 40 9
10 00100100 u/O010010O DEU 236 9,534,000,000 50 10
11 Mayhmeme u/Mayhem1994 DEU 151 2,037,000,000 21 11
12 evilandgrim u/evilandgrim GBR 57 1,513,000,000 18 12
13 Mega ari u/Golia1968 ITA 168 3,171,000,000 32 13
14 CoasterWizard u/russellvt USA 136 3,127,000,000 30 14
15 MaxVelocity u/MaxVelocity1973 GBR 214 8,325,000,000 47 15
16 Soulreaver u/sunnydrivetime USA 193 4,639,000,000 37 16
17 Moorbo78 u/Moorbo3000 USA 141 3,712,000,000 34 17
18 Spags u/spaghetti_hitchens USA 56 2,618,000,000 23 18
19 aw9182 u/aw9182 USA 138 2,818,000,000 27 19
20 jmenjes u/PantherFan123 USA 116 2,110,000,000 22 20

Final Round info

Round 6 is Theatre Of Magic!
Game should be up 12th July, around 1200GMT
Name Password Length Rules Attempts
David_VI's Tournament RS4R06 7 Days Classic 10 only!
Apologies for the delay, I was doing well... but life! Just bought a house and it's tricky finding time at the computer to sort this stuff out. It will get harder soon so a prewarning that the next season might be delayed!

Current Standings

With my appaling performance in Attack From Mars I have dropped out of the top 20 :(
Pos Name Reddit Name Country Points Games played
1 Mankey u/Mankeycubing GBR 248 5
2 PinStratsDan u/PinStratsDan ZAF 244 5
3 00100100 u/O010010O DEU 236 5
4 REDD u/makingtacosrightnow USA 227 5
5 tandigab u/tandigab HUN 226 4
6 MaxVelocity u/MaxVelocity1973 GBR 214 5
7 wilbers u/wilberryc GBR 198 5
8 shutyertrap u/BlahCade USA 193 5
8 Soulreaver u/sunnydrivetime USA 193 5
9 colvert u/colvert_fr FRA 186 4
10 ouchpatient u/0utpatient USA 179 5
11 Mega ari u/Golia1968 ITA 168 5
12 Desensitiz u/Dmccall255 USA 166 5
13 ccl78 u/ccl78 DEU 156 5
14 Mayhmeme u/Mayhem1994 DEU 151 5
15 CRMagic u/CRMagic USA 150 4
15 David_VI u/David_VI GBR 150 5
16 juice u/SpringLoadedCobra USA 146 4
16 pixman u/pixmanohio USA 146 3
17 FlippingSweet u/FlippingSweet USA 145 5
To see the list beyond the top 20 players please visit the site, or even better the Google sheet

Upcoming Rounds

Round 1 Cirqus Voltaire
Round 2 Tales Of The Arabian Nights
Round 3 (Starting 17th June) No Good Gofers
Round 4 Attack From Mars
Round 5 Creature From The Black Lagoon
Round 6 (Bonus picked by S3 winner) Theatre Of Magic
Round 4 and 5 were selected by random players in the top 40 (excluding top 10), of rounds 2 and 3. If they didn't respond to a message I used one of the tables in their registration form :)
Round 4 is decided by Darcman's choices in the registration form and narrowed down by another player
Darcman! who's Reddit name appears to be wrong, if you're reading this and you have figured out your reddit name please let me know!

All the best :)
submitted by David_VI to PinballFX3 [link] [comments]

2020.07.10 20:47 black_ankle_county My reflection after getting 176 The Hard Way (TM)

Hi all,
I got a 176 on the June FLEX after getting a 169 in February, a 159 in July 2019, and a 154 in June 2019.
I studied from June-July and then from October-June, so probably a little over 10 months total. This time coincided with my college graduation, my unemployment, and a major health scare for my mom that led to her early retirement. It was HARD to focus, but I stuck with it and cultivated more discipline than I ever needed as a liberal arts boi.
Per some requests, and so i can always remember how I got's how I got here, in effortpost form.
TLDR Bullet Points
  1. Break your goal score into steps; break those steps into habits and routines; trust that process!
  2. Cut out distractions and things that numb your brain.
  3. Start doing things that make you calm, focused, and dilligent. Be kind to yourself
  4. PT and review are the bread and butter. Do them, do them, do them.
  5. Practice the other sections individually.
The Mental ABCs
The LSAT tests patience, focus, and calm, so build habits that improve those traits. Start by figuring out what might inhibit them for you: for me, it was Twitter, video games, and Reddit and Facebook on my phone. So I cut those things out as much as I could and "tested" myself--for example, by trying to go an entire TV show or Netflix movie without checking my phone.
Also, do things that make you feel more calm and focused. Read (more on that later), exercise, try prayer or meditation, bake, take care of plants, make your bed--decide for yourself what's going to be calming and enjoyable and discipline-building for you, and do it every day for like two weeks. A nice side effect of this process is that you'll feel more calm and focused, and less stressed and numb. Our parents are right--the way we use our phones is really unhealthy! I highly advise reforming that use.
Finally, do positive self-talk about the test. Maybe every day when you wake up, say something like "I am doing the work, I am going to keep making progress, and I will get a score I can be proud of." When things feel good, give yourself credit, and when things feel bad, focus on adjustments you can make. A quote I like is from MLB All-Star David Wright, who said that "the only time you should look back on a mistake is to learn from it." You gotta be your own best friend in this process, especially the neurotics who go on this sub (myself included).
PTs and Review
PTs and Review are how you get used to this test and root out your mistakes. That's it. If you do nothing else, do these consistently.
-Khan Academy is a great way to organize this process. Do a diagnostic, set your test date, and plan all 10 practice tests. Pretty great! They have stages and steps based on your goal score, and it's great to stick with them, but I wouldn't beat myself up if I didn't do that consistently, if I was practicing on my own. That said, if you want a simple and effective broke boi way to study, Khan is it. God bless Sal Khan.
-After every PT, block off 2 hours and review wrong answers in a Word/Google doc. Break it up by section, set the date, and copy down/screenshot each question. Then type the answers to these questions:
This is tricky, especially for LR. It takes time and can be elusive. If you get stumped, u/graeme_b's LSAT Hacks is a great resource for a number of PTs you may buy. LINK
If you take one tip away, please review everything. This is how I took the leap from 169 to 176. It stinks, but it's very good and helpful.
Section-specific practice
Break the LSAT into 3 sections and study them accordingly. Caveat: I was a "OK on LR and RC, terrible at AR" test-taker. If you're an AR-first candidate my advice may not be as helpful.
I recommend using the LSAC sample answer sheet here/sample-non-scantron-answer-sheet.pdf) for PTs and even sections. I printed like 200 at work lol.
Each of these sections of tips should be done in accordance with PTs and review.
Stop skimming and learn to read carefully for a long period of time. LSAT passages are inelegant, clunky, dense, verbose, and dry. You can't skim them the way you might skim a class reading in undergrad or a beach book without missing a detail you'll be asked about--and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can adjust.
Tips: Read something for at least 30 minutes per day. Try to read something like the passage type you like the least--for me, I tried to find some natural science magazines--but if nothing else, just read The New York Times/WSJ/Economist articles. Read every word, get through paragraphs without jumping your eyes around, and if you're really feeling zealous try to summarize each paragraph in your head when you finish reading them.
Do some RC sections as needed and you'll start to get used to the readings and the question types as you review.
A doozy. It really is hard to improve consistently, so expect non-linear growth--you might get -1 one day and -6 the next. Press on.
-Pick a guide to LR and read it thoroughly to learn the basics and ID question types. My favorite was Ellen Cassidy's The Loophole (Shoutout u/elementalellen!), which does a great job building from basic argument structures to the nuances of each question type. It really added points to my score when I was plateauing. The PowerScore LR Bible also gets good feedback, and I'm sure the major online systems are fine too. Khan Academy is an OK quick reference, but I wouldn't have done well with that alone. Anyway, pick a guide and digest it thoroughly.
When you do that and start doing PTs, you'll quickly learn which question types are harder for you. I took time to go back to Khan Academy and drill those types up until the end.
-Make a strong list of logical flaws, and study it in your free moments. Mine came from an LSAT prep class my university paid for (it was late night after class and interning, so I never did the homework nor benefitted otherwise), and I later added to it while reading The Loophole. I put the flaws on flash cards, bound them with rubber bands, and whipped out my deck a few times a week when I was sitting on the train or in a waiting room. Over time, you'll hopefully start catching logical flaws as you read the questions.
-Try to catch and critique arguments in the wild. Maybe your uncle's FB status has a necessary assumption, maybe Trump's latest tweet has 2 different logical flaws in it. You get the idea. Make it a game and get used to using the skills you're learning. Be a smartass. Find the loopholes.
My worst section. I could do maybe 5 right in 35 minutes when I started, and improvement did not come easily, but I got to the -3 to -0 promised land, and I guess I did that well in June.
-I can vouch for the PowerScore LG Bible and 7Sage's videos ft. J.Y. Ping aka J.Y. King. Read your Bible, take notes, and do the exercises. It'll help you somewhat and give you a framework to improve from wherever you end up with them. From there, the 7Sage videos are def worth paying for and getting access to. JY is great at explaining solutions and modeling the thought process that will help you get through the sections at a healthy pace. And whenever you do a section on your own or a PT, get in the habit of watching the video for that game and then redoing it as per the 7Sage FoolProof method.
-Just do them and do them and do them. Break up the games by game type and figure out what you're worst at, and drill that type on Khan. Then do that for the other types. Do them as much as you can until you get into the habits of mind to start doing better, and then just do them a consistent amount to keep fresh. If you want an arbitrary number, you can do 4 games per day on Khan, but by no means take that as an absolute guideline. A suggestion: drill down your time on sequencing and don't neglect doing "easy" games of each type. You'll wanna tear through those on the section.
Pulling it all together: My Ideal Routine
-Do a Khan Academy Diagnostic.
-Set up a practice routine and do it, a bit every day (prob 1-2 hours). Pick a time of day and brainstorm focusing activities. Put it all on a calendar or planner. Cross it off as you go.
-Drill LG every day until it starts to click, then keep it up.
-Read every day. Don't skim.
-Get a framework for LR and make logical flaw flash cards. Read them.
-About 2 months out, start doing a section of LG a day or a section of one of the others per day.
-Do your PTs consistently. Build a routine for each test day and keep it consistent.
-The day after a PT, or the same day, do your in depth review.
-Take real breaks when the pressure gets too great, and be kind to yourself.
-As you get closer, focus on the question types/game types/passage types you still struggle with.
-The week before the test, start to ease off and relax.
-The day before, do something fun and have some brain food for dinner (mine was Chick Fil-a grilled chicken after a round of chip-and-putt golf)

Good luck and feel free to message me! This test is a beast but if you develop a strong mindset and good habits, you'll tame it and come out of it with healthy habits and a score you can be proud of. This is, for me, the end of my use of this sub. Thanks for everything!
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2020.07.10 20:24 LauraVi 💎THE RESULTS: r/RomanceClub Community Survey!💎

💎THE RESULTS: RomanceClub Community Survey!💎
First of all, thank you very much to everyone who took part in the second ever Reddit Romance Club community survey! We mods were absolutely amazed by the high number of responses, so thank you for making this such a vibrant and engaged community! You all rock.
After grinding the (many) numbers, here are the results, which we hope you will find as interesting as we did.
Just a note: this survey was opened at the end of May and closed shortly after the June release, hence its questions only barely included Legend of the Willow and did not include Dracula: a Love Story. For this reason, we have not counted the (very few) replies that have been given in the "other" boxes mentioning characters that were not yet available as Lis/known as LIs in the May release (think Leo, Vlad, Kazu etc) as this would have not been fair to those who had answered the survey before the June update.
Having said that... buckle up for the ride! Lots of interesting info ahead.

💎Question 1: Which RC story is your favourite?
No one will be surprised to find out that Heaven's Secret is the top story in this community right now, chosen by over 45% of the respondents. Our nostalgic heart is very happy, however, to see some old favs still make the podium - albeit trailing significantly behind. Moonborn and Shadows of Saintfour score second and third place, only separated by a handful of votes at around 11%, but newer release Chasing You is already breathing on their neck at 10.7%.
A healthy mix of new and old stories follows: Sails in the fog is in fifth place with 7.8% of the preferences, while Legend of the willow, after only a few episodes, already scores a very healthy sixth place, in a tie with Seduced by the rhythm at 4.3% of the votes. Queen in 30 days is seventh with 3.5% and My Hollywood Story is eighth with 1.2%.
Last place goes to Wave Patrol at 0.4%, which sadly doesn't come as a shock given the general feeling that the romantic/reputation points system was too complicated.

💎Question 2: Who are your favourite LIs?
HS being the most popular story unsurprisingly propels some of its main LIs onto the podium with supersonic speed.
Bad boys rule, with Lucifer taking the crown with a whopping 65.7% of the votes and Alexander (CY) taking silver at 49.3%. The nice guys are not too far behind, though, with Dino in third place at 47.4% and Max (MB) only just about missing the podium in fourth place at 45.3%. We go back to bad boys with Brandon (SBR) in fifth, but soft spoken Sam (CY) is ready to balance things out again with his sixth place.
The most surprising result on top of the rankings is Jake (WP) who makes the top ten with a very healthy seventh place. He is really hard work, but obviously we all think he's totally worth it!
Old favourites Michael (SOS) and Victor (MB) still hold onto the hearts of their fans by scoring eight and ninth place respectively. First among the women - and the only female LI to make the top 10 - is the delightfully devilish Mimi (HS).
Waves' mate Sebastian misses the top ten only by a hair, placing himself in 11th place with a healthy 20.7%. Bodyguard Adam is the most favourite LI in Q30 in 12th place, followed by a row of SOS boys, with John, Derek and Aaron scoring very similar percentages in 13th, 14th and 15th place respectively. Sweetheart Ray is no longer the most favourite LI to come out of MHS, as in this round he ends up in a tie for 16th place with none other than his almost polar opposite, rough and ready Captain Jeff.
Leonard from Q30 (17th place) ties with Cherry from SOS but at least he beats his brother Richard (20th place) in the heart of the readers - and we all know that he'd be pretty pleased with that. Claire (SBR) is the second most favourite female LI in 18th place, while mysterious Luke (SOS) completes the top 20 in 19th place.
Here are the rest of the Lis who placed lower than the top 20:
(21) Carlos (SBR) 9.2%
(22) Justin (SBR) 8.6%
(23) Benny Bart (MB) 8.4%
(24) Tarino (MHS) 8.1%
(25) Gino (MHS) tied with Stephanie (SBR) at 7.8%
(26) Dante (MB) 6.9%
(27) Andy (HS) 6.3%
(28) Mike (MHS) 6.1 %
(29) Alek (WP) tied with Dante (CY) at 5.9%
(30) Kayla (WP) 5.3 %
(31) Alex (MHS) 3.9%
(32) Chris (SIF) 3.4%
(33) Frances (MB) 3.2%
(34) William (SIF) 3.1%
(35) Trisha (MB) 2.6%
(36) Charles (SBR) 2.1%
(37) Orlando (SBR) 1.8%
(38) Chris the bodyguard (MHS) tied with Adi (HS) at 1.6%
(39) Ellen (MHS) tied with Manta (SIF) at 1.2%
(40) Masked Man (SOS) 1.1%
(41) Ellia (CY) 0.8%
(42) Mermaid (SIF) 0.6%
(43) Simon (MB) 0.4%
(44) Charles (WP) tied with Emma (Q30) and Jackie (SIF) at 0.2%.
These lower rankings include some LIs that, based on the discussions we see on the subreddit, we were not expecting to get as many votes as they did - and vice versa. Dante from CY has more votes than Orlando from SBR? And Chris the bodyguard (MHS) beat the Masked Man (SOS)? Say what... Also: Jackie (SIF) definitely deserved a lot more votes! We might have to start a hashtag or something.

💎Question 3: Which non-LI character you’d romance in a heartbeat?
Here are the top 15 most desired LIs in this community:
To absolutely no one's surprise, Geralt (HS) takes the top spot with 39.1% of the readers eager to unbuckle his sexy neck belts at the first occasion. Dreamy Xander from MB takes a very respectable second place with 23.2%: we will forever long for his full lips and crisp linen suit. Another MB favourite, Prince Ethan Wood completes the podium with his Matrix-style coat and intense eyes, but sassy and sexy demon Austie (HS) is not very far behind in fourth place.
Vampires Dustin Chase in fifth place and - although at quite a distance - Sophia in sixth join the ranks of the many LIs who sadly never were in MB. Cute lifeguard Zoey from WP ranks seventh, and no worries if you don't remember who she is: her screen time was about 5 minutes total - but enough to end up in a tie with angelic mentor Misselina from HS. Frenemy Candy from SOS makes eighth place, while evil stunner Monica from MB clutches ninth. To complete the top 10 is no one else but grumpy Angel Fencio (HS) - we obviously all want him to show us his collection of talismans - tied with Bean from MHS, who sadly had the audacity to get married to someone else.
In 11th place is SOS great friend Bobby, whose bravery in the face of untold horrors gave him a special place in all our hearts, in a tie with another WP lifeguard, Ryan (yeah, we have little recollection of him as well). Party-loving and OSHA nemesis Anthony Wood (MHS) is in 12th place, while scheming yet gorgeous Julia (Q30) takes 13th.
In 14th place is no one else but our dear Sailor Bobby - an option that was added as humorous but instead raked up a very respectable 4.7% of votes. As they say, if you are not handsome you should be handy, and no one is a better dress maker than Bobby! Plus, how can we forget when he disguised himself as a tribesman to save Adelaide from becoming soup? He ends up in a tie with a fan favourite, sweet angel Sammy (HS). Completing the top-15 is another HS angel, the ethereal Leeloo.
This question also had an "other" box, where people could add names that were not included in the list. For all those (quite a few!) people who wrote Dino (HS), Sam (CY) and Orlando (SBR)... we choose to believe you misread the question, but if you didn't... oh boy, have we got good news for you!
A few people also wished for Rachel (CY) and Hiro (SBR) to be LIs, so that's another happy ending there as per the latest release.
Some also wished for Diego, Baron Samedi and Jackie from SIF, and Joseph, Christian and Gustavo from SBR to be LIs, and we are happy to say that, although their routes might be a bit hidden and not all of them can be endgame LIs, you can most definitely already hookup with/romance all of them. Check the wiki for details!
A few people asked for the coffee shop owner in CY... we have the feeling that we know who at least one of them is, and truth be told, that beard is dreamy so we can see their point! More bearded LIs please!
Those who asked for Fyr... far from us to kink shame here, but let's just hope he turns out to be human at some point! We also have some Seraph Crowley (HS) and Angel Mora (MB) fans amongst us, as clear proof that no one is ever too old for love, plus WP Agent Phillips' manbun has also scored him some eager fans.
But that one person who asked for Sean from MB... we hope for your sake you are also about 12 years old because otherwise you need an old priest, a young priest and also a police officer.

💎Question 4: Which LI do you think is overrated, and why?
Here are the top 10 most overrated LIs in the game according to our community.
You know how they say never rest on your laurels? In a surprising (or maybe not?) twist of fate, some of the most liked LIs also topped the most overrated rankings, which goes to show that the beauty of our community is that we all have different (and sometimes opposite) opinions! So please let's not fight in the comments, haha.
The most overrated LI crown goes to Lucifer with the 21.9% of the votes, (which is almost as him winning an Oscar and a Razzie in the same evening) mostly due to his behaviour, which many identify as "toxic", "abusive" and "triggering". Many readers are "not comfortable with his choking/manhandling of MC", and his "lack of respect for personal space". "Being treated poorly in the hope to finally reach a hidden soft side does not seem worth it". Some think "he needs therapy", and wonder "why he's still behaving like a teen while he's possibly thousands of years old". A reason why many dislike him however, is also "the daily flood of fanart that features him": we might all be a little Lucifered-out here on the subreddit!
Tied in second place (pun fully intended!) are Alexander (CY) and Victor (CY) at 11.5%: the reasons given for both of them are surprisingly similar. Both boys are into BDSM but neither seem to "truly know the rules of consent" and people think that they "overstep boundaries a little too often". Both have been described as "creepy", "controlling" and "plain weird". Victor is also guilty of being "boring" ("I asked for a tea not for your life story in India!" - someone wrote). Both have been invited to "drop the Christian Grey act" and some people think "they would be arrested in real life if they acted this way". Oh boy.
Justin (SBR) completes this unflattering podium at 9.1% because of his "obnoxious outbursts" and the way he treats MC. He is "rude" and "mean" and people seem to be willing to "pay diamonds to put him in his place". Hopefully that won't be necessary!
Jake from WP is fifth at 7.8%, the main reason being that he is "too difficult to romance", "too expensive and still rude", and that "we have to solve the Da Vinci code to get him" - as someone hilariously wrote.
Bad boy Brandon (SBR) scores 6.1% of the votes landing fifth place, with the word "jerk" being the most recurrently used to describe him. He is "arrogant", a "vanishing act", and "he is never nice to MC for long". Come on, Brandon! You can do better!
Unclaimed Andy (HS) takes sixth place with 4.5% for being "jealous" and "annoying" - although we would maybe argue that he's not really that overrated, as far as we can see from the sub...
In seventh place is Max (MB) at 4.1% but we are confused by the person who mentioned "his abs being too perfect" as a reason for disliking him. Of course, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, so... fair enough? Other words used are "too boring", otherwise many people voted for him but did not really give a reason why. Max needs to work on his PR clearly!
Another tie in eight place sees Adam (Q30) and Dino (HS) score 3.7% of the votes. The Royal bodyguard is described as "a barbarian" and his behaviour as "possessive" and "controlling", while the main complaints against Dino seem for the vast majority to be directed to his looks: comments range from "his eyes look disproportionally big compared to his head" to "his hair seems separated from his face" to some people calling him a "Fabio lookalike". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder indeed!
Gruff Captain Jeff (MHS) makes ninth with 3.3%, mostly because of "the dodgy power dynamic between him and MC" and his "bullying": "I like puppies is not a free get out of jail card!" someone wrote. The fact that SOS Luke "drugged MC" bags him unanimously the tenth spot with 2.8% of the votes.
Not in the top ten but voted often enough to deserve a special mention are John (SOS) because of his "murderous tendencies", Derek (SOS) because "people only likes him for his glow-up", and Leonard (Q30) as "he took Emma's spot as the third main LI in the story" and "that was a cop out!" Plus "he seems so good only because the other two are the worst", someone quipped.

💎Question 5: Which LI do you think is underrated, and why?
Let's all cheer ourselves up with the opposite end of the spectrum! Here are the top 10 Lis that the community think deserve more love! The answers in this question were a lot more fragmented, with a lot of random characters getting very few votes, so the ranking percentages are significantly lower than in other questions.
A few people chose to write "every female LI" as this question's answer, and this is reflected in the rankings below, where way more female characters are mentioned compared to other questions. So RC, we need more screen time for badass, gorgeous, interesting female LIs!
HS still carries its weight as the most popular story, with three of its main LIs topping the rankings, all lamenting the fact that they are "unfairly overshadowed by bad boy Lucifer". Andy tops the list with 8.5% of the votes: players think he is "a really good guy", "sweet", "cute", "caring", "thoughtful". They admit "he has flaws" but he "will help if you need him" and "will stand up for those he cares about". It's nice to see him getting some love!
Devil cutie Mimi ends up as a close second with only a few votes of difference, at 8.1%. She is "cute", "badass", and "so cool". Many people wrote they don't usually romance female Lis but they chose her nonetheless because she is "a great LI in every way". Someone wishes RC would "flesh her out a little more" and "give her more screen time". Third spot is for Dino: a "sweetheart" and "the cutest man in the game".
Jake from WP nabs fourth place with the 4.9% of votes. Players thinks the focus is too much on how hard he is to pursue, while "he is totally worth it", because after the initial coldness he becomes "sweet", "kind" and "caring". His "love for his family is another big plus", and he is always "supportive", "mature", "loyal" and "intense". Someone also wrote that "his sex scenes are amazing".
Gorgeous dancer Carlos from SBR is in fifth place: he is described as "cute", "great personality", "respectful" and "the sweetest". One to watch for sure! Prince Leonard (Q30) ties with Claire (SBR) in sixth place. Leonard is "complicated", "interesting" and "clever", while Claire is "sweet", "mature" and "loyal". Seventh position is for Michael (SOS) - "cute", "affectionate", "funny" - and Kayla (WP) is "really nice" and "one of the first female LIs that didn't seem like a complete afterthought".
Eight place goes to Sam (CY) - "wholesome", "the right amount of naughty and nice", "a sweet and likeable guy" - in a tie with Chris (SIF) - "funny", "strong", "loyal", "always has your back". Ninth place is another tie between Sebastian (SIF) - "sweet" and "supportive" - and Alex (MHS) - "amazing personality", "really helpful".
Last but not least the tenth place is a foursome: William (SIF) gets some love for being "good", "solid", "loyal" and "fun", in a tie with Charles (SBR) - described as "perfect", "romantic" and "caring", as well as "hot", "sexy" and "gentle" - Jackie (SIF) - "an under-appreciated king", "handsome" and "fun", and Frances (MB) - a "real badass" and "one of the best LIs in MB".
So, time to replay your favourite book and try out one of these Lis instead than your usual one!

💎Question 6: If you could eat or drink one thing from the RC universe, what would you choose?
Max (MB) might no longer hold the crown of most loved LI in the game, but his cooking skills still hold strong. A whopping 37.2% of the people in this community would eat anything he prepares. Getting drunk on Glyft at the HS Academy takes second spot with 23.1% of the preferences, while a sugar rush after a light BDSM session in CY is all what the 13.2% of us want, completing this delicious podium.
In fourth place is pizza with a bunch of MHS friends, fifth is potential death - as long as ice cream and Jake from WP are involved - and sixth is Anthony Wood's juice at one of his epic MHS parties.
Dinner at the SOS circus is seventh, chosen by a fearless 3% of the community, while canapés at a jewellery fashion show in Q30 score the eighth and last place.

💎Question 7: If you could spend a weekend in any RC story, would you:
An entire weekend in the RC universe! What mischief is our community planning to get up to?
It looks like HS is once again top of the list, with over 38% of players willing to test their wings and get some strange and possibly corrosive blue liquid down their unclaimed throats. But LOW's gorgeous backgrounds and atmospheric setting have convinced the 16% of us to go explore a Japanese village, and possibly meet some mysterious cutie. Adelaide and her SIF crew navigate steadily in third place: 10.7% of us would follow them over the edge of the world and beyond.
In fourth place is a spot of murder mystery fun in CY, as 10.3% of us would happily explore a British family mansion - bloodshed possible but not guaranteed. A diplomatic trip with the Q30 Sagar Royal Court appeals to the 6.1% of us, especially if a romantic sunset is on the bill. The quaint and frankly unsettling SOS woods do not scare the 5.7% of us, but as long as no one picks up a nice bouquet of flowers, we should all be ok. In seventh place is our favourite vampire popstar Benny Bart (MB) performing at the Taste of the Night, while eighth is a dance marathon in SBR, inclusive of a trip to romantic Paris. Tarino's somewhat unusual directorial skills in MHS score ninth place, while hot surfers in WP's Miami end up last.

💎Question 8: If you could get more episodes of a series that has now ended, which one would you choose?
It's time to go down memory lane! We loved all the stories that RC has now completed, but which one we miss the most?
Side note: SIF and WP were still ongoing when this survey was first opened hence they are not featured in this list.
Horror story SOS takes a clear lead, with over 47% of our community wishing we could get more adventures with MC and her friends. MB is second, with a healthy 34% of readers wishing to spend more time in the company of vampires and werewolves. Q30 is third, with 13.3% of readers missing its Royal Palace and all the intrigue coming with it, and last but not least is comedy MHS, which is missed by 5.4% of this community.
And now, some questions about this community's gaming habits:

💎Question 9: How do you usually approach LI relationships?
This question had a fairly split response between those who date a few LIs but ultimately choose only one (48.9%) and those who are fiercely monogamous from the start (42.4%). A healthy 8.7% of the readers prefer instead to play the field and date as many LIs as the gameplay will allow. And with so many great characters to choose from, that's hardly a surprise!

💎Question 10: Would you play a book that has a male MC?
We all know that at the moment all RC stories are gender-locked with a female MC. But what does the community think? Would we play a book with a male MC? The majority is in favour, with 61.9% of the responders answering with a resounding YES.

💎Question 11: Do you use the RC wiki on Fandom?
Our amazing fan-written Romance Club wiki recently celebrated 100 pages!
It sounds like a whopping 78.8% of this community uses the wiki, while about 14.1% did not know it existed (so we hope you are using it now!) and 7.1% are true daredevils who play without any wiki help.

💎Question 12: What genre of story do you enjoy the most?
With new stories always coming up, we were curious to know which genres this community enjoys the most.
Despite the game being called Romance Club, the top of the genre ranking goes to Fantasy, with a striking 74.1% of preferences. But no worries: Romance is a steady second with a great 70.8% of the votes. Third place goes to Mystery with 65.7%.
Adventure comes fourth with 55.2%, followed by Horror (42.5%), Historical (35.1%), Science Fiction (29.1%) and finally Comedy (26.4%).
A very small number of people (too little to make percentage) also asked for drama, thriller, detective/crime, heist/spy, high school/teens, superheroes, zombies and time travel. All great ideas!
The community has spoken though: RC, give us elves and gnomes and medieval tales of debauchery and magic!

💎Question 13: How long have you been playing Romance Club for?
We were curious to know for how long we all have been playing this game we love. The survey showed a good mix of old and new readers, with a clear tendency towards long-term reading, which makes us so very happy to know we are all just equally addicted.
36% stated that they have been playing for over a year, 23.6% for more than six months, 17.8% for more than three months, 16.1% for more than one month and 6.4% for less than a month. Welcome one and all, we hope you are all going to be here for the long haul!

💎Question 14: How did you find out about the game Romance Club?
The main way in which our community has found out about RC is through the app store/google play store (70.9%). Another subreddit is a source for 13.5% of us (we probably have to say thank you to our friends at Lovestruck and Choices!) while a friend recommended the game to 8.7% of us.
Instagram (3%) and Facebook (1.5%) are also popular sources, but 2.4% of us arrived to the game through adverts, which is to us the most interesting data since in the mod team we haven't personally seen any adverts for this game - ever - so if anyone has screenshots, please post them in the comments, we are super curious!
Some users (too few to make percentage) also mentioned videos and memes on TikTok or Youtube, Google Search, Tumblr, Twitter, Vkontakte or even their own sister(s) as a source.

💎Question 15: Which operating system do you play the game on?
The majority of this community plays on Android (57.7%) while 42.3% play on iOS.

💎Question 16: Which other story games do you play?
Here are the top-10 story app games we play in this community, aside from RC.
Unsurprisingly, market leader Choices comes first with 53.3% of the votes. Another giant in the field, Episodes, comes second - although with quite a substantially smaller percentage of votes, clocking at 28.1%. The top-three is completed by UK TV show-inspired Love Island with the 24.6%.
Chapters is the fourth most played game at 24.2%, followed by Lovestruck and Love Sick - tied at 16.1%. Moments is sixth at 13.1%, new entry on the market Stories: Love and choices follows in seventh with 5.3%, Journeys is eighth with 4.7% and The Arcana is ninth with 2.6%. The top-ten is completed by Tabou Stories: Love Episodes in a tie with Originals - both at 1.2%.
Some also reminisced about Storyscapes (gone too soon but not forgotten!) and many other game apps were mentioned but by too few people to make up for an accountable percentage. We surely discovered some games we had never heard of before, though, including: Fictif, Heart's Choice, Everlasting Summer, Fancy Love, Romance: Stories and choices, Secrets: Game of choices, Fictions: Choose your emotions, Mystic Messenger, City of Love and many, many more... so thanks everyone for all these new suggestions!
And to that one person who selected half a dozen games and then commented with "it is a problem!" ... trust us, you are in very, very good company here!!
And lastly, some demographics:

💎Question 17: Where in the world are you from?
We are a very international bunch, that's for sure! Here are the numbers:
45.5% of this community lives in Europe, 24.3% in North America, 16.9% is in Asia, 5.7% is in Central/South America, 5.3% is in Africa and 2.3% is in Australia/New Zealand. Welcome one and all! We are so happy you are here.

💎Question 18: How old are you?
How old are we? The survey has spoken: 44.7% is between the ages of 18 and 24; 28.1% is between 25 and 35; 21.1% is 17 or younger; 6.1 % is 36 or older.
We must admit that we did not expect so many people to be on the younger end of the spectrum! But we hope everyone - of all ages - will always find this subreddit to be a safe, welcoming and friendly place where to discuss this game we all love. We mods work hard every day to keep this the most relaxed and fun RC space on the net and we feel so lucky that you are all as awesome as you are!

💎Question 19: What is your gender identity?
The overwhelming majority of this community (93.5%) identifies as female, while 4.6% identifies as male, 1.3% is non-binary, 0,4% identifies as genderqueer and 0.2% marked themselves as confused.
The fact that MC is gender-locked female and that LGBTQ routes are limited in the game is certainly one of the reasons why our community is not more diverse. Hopefully RC will expand their stories to include more diverse gender choices in terms of MCs and LIs, so to allow more people to enjoy their great storytelling skills.

💎Question 20: What is your sexual orientation?
Here's the sexual orientation of our community:
70.1% identifies as Straight/Heterosexual
22.5% identifies as Bisexual
1.9% identifies as Lesbian/WLW
1.7% identifies as Pansexual
1.5% identifies as Gay/MLM
0.4% identifies as Aromantic
0.3% identifies as Aromantic/Bisexual
0.3% identifies as Asexual
0.3% identifies as Demisexual
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Biromantic
0.2% identifies as Asexual/Heterosexual
Once again, we hope that future plots featuring more diverse MC/LIs will attract more diverse players to our community.
That's all folks! We hope you found these results interesting and we look forward to a new survey once we hit 5000 users! Until then... happy gaming and thanks for making this awesome community as great as it is! :)
💎 RomanceClub mods 💎
💎u/LauraVi 💎u/swankytutu 💎u/directormmn
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2020.07.10 20:14 AbsolutusVirtus [Blue] Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced (Ref. 3510.50) - 100 spots at $18.00/ea with NO spot limit.

Item Name: Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced (Ref. 3510.50)
Price: $1,800.00
# of Spots: 100 @ $18.00/Spot
Price Justification: Sold for $2,000.00 on 03/15/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $2,000.00 on 02/19/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,950.00 on 02/12/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,900.00 on 03/17/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,850.00 on 05/06/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,850.00 on 03/15/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,850.00 on 02/20/2020
Price Justification: Sold for $1,800.00 on 04/07/2020
Call spots? Y
Spot limit per person? No
Location/Country: CANADA
Will ship international? USA/CA
Timestamp/pics: Timestamp + Album
Escrow: Y.....I am for Bravo72
Description: This is a really nice little guy, and if you have wrists on the smaller size it actually has good proportions at 38mm. Throwing in this nice Bond Nato that really compliments the watch. This Speedmaster runs at +/- 18s. Well it's not an exact measurement, I measured the time for three days and got - 11, - 25, +20. So I averaged it out to +- 18. I know that's not how it works but I don't have access to a timeographer. Chronograph runs great and snaps back perfect and is in overall very very good condition. There's a bit of scratching at the top by 11, 12 o'clock and a tiny bit by the 9. The bracelet is in really good condition because I rarely used it. There are a tiny bit of desk diving marks on the clasp. But overall for a 20 year old watch it's in insanely good shape. Reason for selling: After winning the Speedmaster Date a few months back, I always choose that watch over the reduced, mainly due to having a date complication. Don't need two small Speedmasters in my collection.

PayPal Info:

Tip BoyAndHisBlob
Number of vacant slots: 0
Number of unpaid users: 4
Number of unpaid slots: 8
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.
1 carlosTHEsecond PAID
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2020.07.10 18:56 PhilipTerryGraham [FAQ] Everything you need to know about Persy, Ingenuity, the Atlas V, lasers, selfies, robot butts, and more!

[FAQ] Everything you need to know about Persy, Ingenuity, the Atlas V, lasers, selfies, robot butts, and more!

Artists' impression of Perseverance and Ingenuity on the Martian surface
What is Mars 2020?
Mars 2020 is the seventh mainline mission in NASA's Mars Exploration Program; a campaign established in the early 90s to enable scientific exploration of Mars using cheaper solutions... which have now ballooned into billion-dollar projects... oh well! The primary goal of Mars 2020 is to investigate Mars' past and to answer some questions we have about the planet's ancient history. Was there life on Mars in the past? If so, what were they like, what world did they thrive in, and did they go to the beach and/or play Mancala like us humans? The mission will send two spacecraft; a humble rover named Perseverance and a bold rotorcraft named Ingenuity, and we love them both!
What is Perseverance?
We like to call her Persy! She's a car-sized robotic rover who shares her design with her sister Curiosity! Percy will be carrying with her six scientific instruments to perform the primary mission, an additional experimental scientific instrument, and many various subsystems, cameras, and tools to keep her occupied as she drives across a cold, barren alien landscape. Admittedly it's not a job most robots would envy, but Persy's willing to do it! She was named by seventh-grade student Alexander Mather, and as to what inspired that name, I'll let let him do the talking:
Curiosity. InSight. Spirit. Opportunity. If you think about it, all of these names of past Mars rovers are qualities we possess as humans. We are always curious, and seek opportunity. We have the spirit and insight to explore the Moon, Mars, and beyond. But, if rovers are to be the qualities of us as a race, we missed the most important thing. Perseverance. We as humans evolved as creatures who could learn to adapt to any situation, no matter how harsh. We are a species of explorers, and we will meet many setbacks on the way to Mars. However, we can persevere. We, not as a nation but as humans, will not give up. The human race will always persevere into the future.
What is Ingenuity?
He's a cute lil' rotorcraft that could probably fit on top of your computer desk! Ingenuity will perform the first powered flights on Mars to help assist Persy by scouting locations for her to check out. Mars' atmosphere is very thin, but the planet's low gravity and his small 14cm2 size will allow him to achieve a few seconds of flight using two massive 120cm-diameter blades. The data returned from his ambitious, pioneering flights will help inform the design, manufacturing, and applications of the next generation of space-faring rotorcraft, like the Titan-bound Dragonfly! Good time for a shameless plug of dragonfly2titan, eh? He'll be stored on Persy's underside before deployment onto the surface a few days after landing on Mars, after which he'll be zip-zooming around Persy at least five times over thirty days! Further flights beyond that may happen!
Where is Persy going?
To Mars! Next question. Alright, okay, I'll tell ya more! NASA will be sending Persy to an ancient river delta in Jezero crater. If you don't know already, Mars used to have oceans, lakes, and rivers of water on its surface billions of years ago! Persy's sister Curiosity works in a crater that used to be a lake, and even just by looking at the delta in Jezero crater, you can tell there used to be a massive river that flowed there, too. Seeking out past and/or present life has always been a persistent goal of NASA's Mars Exploration Program, and this exotic place is a pretty darn good place to continue that search! The targeted landing site is a 25 km × 20 km ellipse located right at the foot of the delta, on the bed of a former lake the river once flowed into.
Diagram showing the location of Perseverance's seven scientific instruments
What scientific instruments will Persy be carrying?
She'll be lugging seven scientific instruments around Jezero crater. There's Mastcam-Z, an upgraded version of Curiosity's dual-camera system that can now zoom in and out! In fact, that's actually what the "Z" stands for! It'll produce photographs with 150 μm to 7.4 mm per pixel resolution at an output of up to 1600 × 1200 pixels. Curiosity's pretty mad that her younger sister got the better camera! SuperCam will give Persy the ability to zap rocks and sediments with a powerful laser to expose their inner material for examination by a multi-wavelength spectrometer and a high-resolution microscope. Persy doesn't expect these rocks to die... she expects them to talk... about Mars' geological history! She'll also carry MEDA on her back, a meterological suite that'll make Persy the third space weather woman after InSight and Dr. Tamitha Skov! RIMFAX is a humorous name for an instrument slapped onto Persy's butt – and it's really hard not to make jokes about how it's named after Hrímfaxi, a Norse mythological horse that "brings the night" – but as the first ever ground-penetrating radar system taken to the surface of Mars, it'll allow Persy to see up to 10 meters below the surface to peer through sedimentary layers directly underneath her! Can your butt do that? Didn't think so.
On the end of Persy's robotic arm are arguably the two incredibly important instruments. SHERLOC, named after a very smart man, will help prove Persy is also a very smart gal who can identify certain minerals and organic molecules in rocks and sediments using the instrument's ultraviolet laser. SHERLOC relies on Raman spectroscopy; every molecule leaves a different "fingerprint" on the light they reflect and/or emit, and by studying this fingerprint, Persy can identify what the molecules are. To assist her, ten different calibration targets will be carried with SHERLOC to ensure the instrument is working properly; these include five fabrics that'll potentially be used in Martian spacesuits in the future and a piece of a Martian meteorite that landed on Earth which we'll basically be mailing as "return to sender"! PIXL is a somewhat similar instrument that uses X-rays instead of ultraviolet light. PIXL relies on X-ray fluorescence; like how molecules leave fingerprints on their light, they also react differently to being bombarded by X-rays or gamma rays, and Persy can potentially identify signs of microbes by studying how a particular patches on rocks react to X-rays shot from PIXL.
In addition to the six primary instruments, Persy will also be carrying MOXIE, a technology demonstration that'll attempt to produce oxygen from Mars' carbon dioxide atmosphere in the first major test of In-situ resource utilization (ISRU) on the surface of Mars. ISRU is essential to future human exploration of the red planet, and the primary goal of NASA's current human spaceflight program – Artemis – is in fact to test ISRU technologies on a large scale on the surface of the Moon through crewed adventures that'll also carry the first women to the lunar surface! Developing ISRU technologies is essential to future crewed exploration of Mars, and MOXIE will hopefully validate a system that'll serve as a very important piece in the puzzle; how to take Mars' atmosphere and turn it into something humans in a crewed Martian base can breathe! Mark Watney would be proud.
Model of one of the Mastcam-Z cameras, with a penny for scale
What cameras will Persy be carrying?
Not enough! There'll be a total of 23 cameras aboard Persy. On her scientific instruments, there'll be the aforementioned microscope on SuperCam named the "Remote Micro-Imager" and the two cameras of Mastcam-Z. PIXL's camera is named the "Micro-Context Camera", while SHERLOC carries an unnamed microscopic camera and a wider-field camera named "WATSON", which is probably the coolest name ever given to a space-faring camera! WATSON, like Curiosity's MAHLI camera, can be used by Persy to take some really great selfies, meaning that Curiosity's reign as queen of Martian Instagram will be ending soon! Seven EDL cameras will aim to top the legendary MARDI camera carried aboard Curiosity: four cameras on the descent stage looking up at the parachute and one looking down at Persy, and two on Persy herself looking down towards the ground and up towards her descent stage, respectively. They'll provide the most detailed imagery of the descent and landing of a spacecraft on the surface of another planet, making for an insane gift to NASA's public relations team to help them woo over taxpayers and space enthusiasts alike!
In addition to these cameras, nine engineering cameras will assist Persy as she drives across the varied terrain of Jezero crater. These are two navigational cameras (Navcams) flanking Mastcam-Z, and six hazard-avoidance cameras (Hazcams) placed on her front and back; four on the front and two behind. These cameras will provide Persy's driving software with the images needed to determine hazards in front or behind her in case she needs to take a detour during an automated driving sequence. It's not as fancy as the ones on Elon Musk's cars, but it does the job! In addition to this, a "CacheCam" will point into sample canisters collected by Persy inside her sample caching system, which we'll talk about later on!
What other cool things will Persy be carrying?
There'll be two microphones that'll record the sound on Mars for the first time! Microphones were also carried aboard Mars Polar Lander (1999) and Phoenix (2008), but both were unable to return data. One because the lander itself went full-on D.B. Cooper on us and disappeared after it flew down to Mars' surface, and the other because the microphone just didn't work lmao. Persy's microphones will not only record the sound of entry, descent, and landing (EDL), they'll help determine the geology of certain rocks and sediments just by the sound of SuperCam's laser zapping them. Science is so f***ing cool, am I right? Persy will also carry the names of 10,932,295 people (including mine!) on a microchip placed on her deck, two heartwarming plaques – one championing a message of "Explore as One", and another commemorating the heroes in healthcare and medical science fighting against SARS-CoV-2 – and a really cool sample caching system! Speaking of...
What is the sample caching system?
It's what we'd like to call 20/20 foresight. Ha! As alluded to earlier, Persy will collect samples of the Martian surface, examine them using the aforementioned CacheCam, and then place them back onto the surface of Mars in small canisters at so-called designated "sample caching depots" in Jezero crater. Before being deposited at these depots, the canisters will be checked against five "witness tubes" pre-loaded with molecular and particulate contaminants. If any of the samples collected are found to contain contaminants similar to the ones in the witness tubes, such as propellant from Persy's descent stage, or outgassed material from scientific instruments aboard the rover, they'll be scrapped and a new sample will take their place. Why are we littering Jezero crater with all these canisters? Well, they'll be collected and returned to Earth as part of the joint NASA/ESA Mars sample return mission planned to launch in 2026. It's, like... a whole different thing... here's the European Space Agency explaining it way better than I ever could! They have good video editing and animation skills and I don't.
ULA diagram of AV-088's flight profile, with Perseverance aboard
How is Persy getting to Mars?
NASA has set her up on a date with a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket designated AV-088, flying in its 541 configuration. "541" means that she'll be dressed in a 5-meter carbon composite payload fairing (5) as the two blast away from Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 41 on 30 July 2020 with four AJ-60A boosters (4) and a Centaur upper stage with a single RL-10 engine (1). After the four AJ-60As and the Atlas V's Common Core Booster jettison, the rocket's Centaur upper stage ignites for the first time to put the pair into an orbit around Earth. It's during this burn that the Atlas V undresses Persy's payload fairing and delivers nearly 100 kN of thrust to her (this is by far the worst joke I've made on reddit dot com and I'm not sorry). After their time together in orbit, the Atlas V will say goodbye by firing its Centaur one last time to send Persy on her journey to Mars.
JPL diagram of Perseverance's entry, descent, and landing sequence
How will Persy land on Mars?
NASA describes it as the "seven minutes of terror". Landing a spacecraft on Mars is obviously more complicated than Kerbal Space Program would have you believe. Persy's EDL system is almost identical to Curiosity's, but with a few cool software upgrades! On 18 February 2021, Persy will enter Mars' atmosphere at a speed of ~19,000 km/h relative to Mars. Protected by a robust heat shield, air resistance will surround Percy in fiery plasma as it rapidly decelerates her to ~1,500 km/h. At this point, her parachutes are deployed and heat shield jettisoned, shaving off excess weight and slowing her down all the way to ~300 km/h. At this speed and an altitude of 2 km, Persy then separates from her parachutes and starts a powered descent with eight engines strapped to a module nicknamed the "sky crane". At an altitude of 20 meters, this sky crane will have slowed Persy down to just ~3 km/h. From here, the sky crane then lowers her down to the surface using four nylon cords, which will cut and send the sky crane flying away once Persy touches down on the surface. Persy is then safe on the ground, and can finally begin her journey across Jezero crater! I have no jokes to tell here... this is just astonishing engineering.
How will Persy communicate with Earth?
She will carry three antennas on her deck. Her primary antenna is an ultra-high frequency antenna that can transmit as much as 2 Mbit/s to her fellow orbiters flying overhead, including MAVEN, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and ol' reliable Mars Odyssey! Sending scientific data to orbiters will make life easier for Persy, as she won't have to hail-mary the data across the complete distance from Mars to Earth, which would use more power if transmission speeds aren't sacrificed. In times when Persy's orbiting pals aren't there for her, she has both a steerable high-gain antenna and an omnidirectional low-gain antenna both operating at X-band frequencies. These antennas are able to transmit up to 3000 bit/s and 30 bit/s respectively. To put that in perspective for some of the reddit crowd, it would take around 200 hours to load the front page of Pornhub at 30 bit/s. Persy is a brilliant scientific workhorse, but would probably be a terrible internet service provider! NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) will be receiving the data Persy collects either through orbiters transmitting her data, or Persy transmitting it herself, and you can monitor this through NASA's DSN Now website, which provides information on which spacecraft the DSN antennas are communicating with right now!
How long will Persy last?
If Spirit and Opportunity have taught us anything, it's to never underestimate the 'perseverance' of Martian rovers. While the Mars Exploration Rovers were powered by solar panels, Curiosity and Perseverance are powered by nuclear energy. More specifically, by NASA's Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG), a successor to the GPHS-RTG that flew on spacecraft such as Cassini and New Horizons. The MMRTG features eight Plutonium-238 dioxide modules that'll provide Percy with over 100 W of power over the first few years. Due to radioactive decay, this is expected to decline to as little as 72 W after fourteen years. The MMRTG is stored on Persy's aft end, meaning that she'll literally have the most powerful butt in the solar system, and will likely roam the landscape of Jezero crater for a bit more than fourteen years! How long will she go for? Who knows? All that we can hope for is that the time she does spend at Jezero will yield invaluable science that'll teach us more about the evolution of the Solar System, life on other planets, and most importantly, our place in this wonderful universe we live in... and how good ancient Martians were at Mancala!
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2020.07.10 17:59 smokedoutofthehills Zero to Hero and back to Zero: A failed attempt at the JMT

Quick Summary

Route: John Muir Trail from Happy Isles to Duck Pass
Dates: 6/18/2020 to 6/21/2020
Mileage: 75 miles (15,300’ gain)
Conditions: Highs in the 70s, lows around 30, some snow coverage above 10,500’, little cloud cover
Photos: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4
TLDR: I planned a way too aggressive timeline for a trip after not hiking for 3 months, feet hurt, regretted my decisions and bailed tail between my legs but got some pretty pictures out of it and don’t regret anything too badly.

The Plan

Last year I had a great time hitting a 60 miles section of the JMT/PCT in early June, dealing with massive snowpack and testing my limits a little. I felt pretty solid doing 12-15 miles a day over snow last year right and figured this year I’d be in similar shape and the lack of snow would mean I could push up to 20-25 miles per day without issue. That was pre-COVID, getting at least a couple miles of moderately hilly walking to and from campus daily. I’d been playing around with the idea for most of the last year, figuring that this summer would be a great time to finally tick off the JMT before starting grad school in the fall.
Fast forward to this spring, everything shuts down, I stop walking regularly and generally fall into less than great shape. I also didn’t enter the permit lottery figuring that I could always snag a walkup or cancellation since I live close enough to shift plans around last minute without worrying about flights or time off work. I managed to snag a Happy Isles pass through cancellation for June 18th, and did a little planning, mostly focusing on a resupply out of Mammoth due to uncertainties with opening dates for Reds, VVR and MTR. I figured 10ish days would be enough to hammer out the trail and let me hit a nice alpine lake for camp most if not every night. This was mistake number one, underestimating the mileage I could handle coming pretty much straight off the couch.
Mistake number two was planning my 10 day itinerary around resupplying over Mammoth Pass. The road to the trailhead on the other side of the pass was still closed days before I left, meaning that I had to change plans and have my resupply dropped at VVEdison Lake instead. This change of plans, while keeping the resupply planned for day 4 meant changing from hitting VVR the morning of day 5 to the afternoon of day 4, requiring me to hit 75 miles or more in the first three days to be on track and shifting my overall timeline to 9 days start to finish. Whoops.

The Trip

Day 1 - Vert, vert and more vert

Route: Happy Isles to Upper Cathedral lake via the Mist Trail + JMT
Data: 16 miles, 6800’ gain, 1200’ loss, 10 hours
Got an early start around 6am leaving the backpackers campground. Just a quick walk over to the HI trailhead and I was off. I decided to take the Mist Trail over the actual JMT since I figured it was a rare chance to see Vernal and Nevada without the crowds the Mist trail usually draws. It was well worth it, especially a quick snack and coffee break at the top of Vernal. After rejoining the JMT it turned into a pretty boring slog for the rest of the day. It was fairly surprising how overgrown the trail was in spots considering the superhighway that the JMT is most years, especially passing through the burn zone scar (see pictures).
The trail just kept climbing and climbing with not much in the way of views (IMO as a spoiled Californian). It was nice and quiet along the trail too after the Half Dome junction, so overall not terrible, just a little lackluster compared to the heavier hitting scenery the Sierra usually delivers. There were some nice, occasional views of the Clark and Cathedral Ranges closer to Sunrise Meadow, but lots of boring switchbacks and gradual climbs with not much to look at. Unfortunately once at Sunrise Meadow the bug pressure changed more or less instantly from very mild to virtually unbearable, prompting me to significantly speed up and stop paying much attention to the scenery until I got to Cathedral Pass where the pressure died down significantly. At that point it was getting later in the afternoon and I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it far enough past Tuolumne to find a legal campsite so I set up camp at Upper Cathedral Lake at 4pm. The bug pressure was moderate so I sat with my net draped over me for protection while doing some basic footcare and planning the next days mileage.
One other piece of excitement from the day was finding out that my filter was definitely a bit moldy, and in need of pretty significant flushing upon my first fill of the day. Luckily I managed to flush out the moldy taste without wasting too much time.
If I were to do it again I’d likely reroute to stay low in Little Yosemite Valley and rejoin the JMT at Sunrise Meadow via Echo Creek or cut some mileage off and connect over Tuolumne Pass to Lyell Canyon to cut out some of the more boring scenery and skip straight to the good stuff.

Day 2 - Dawn to Dusk

Route: Upper Cathedral to Thousand Island Lake via the JMT passing Tuolumne Meadows, Lyell Canyon and over Donohue Pass
Data: 25.5 miles, 3700’ gain, 3500’ loss, 13 hours
I got an early start, hitting the trail around 6am and made good progress down to Tuolumne Meadows before stopping to make a cup of coffee and eat near Soda Springs. Then I powered on up Lyell canyon stopping once by a nice polished cascade to rest my feet before pushing on toward Donohue. Ran into a fair number of other hikers heading both directions but didn’t stop to chat for too long with anyone beyond getting beta on the conditions of the pass. The hike through Lyell Canyon was nicely graded, flat and easy to cruise making good time.
Once I the climb to Donohue kicked in at the head of the canyon my momentum dried up and my paced dropped down from 2+ mph to 1-1.5. A quick stop by the bridge across the Lyell fork to rest my feet put a little wind back in my sails and I managed to keep pushing up to the summit. The trail got wetter and a bit closer to the early season conditions I was expecting around 10,500’ with predominantly snow cover for the last quarter mile up to the pass. Coming down the south side was pretty straight forward although it did take a little more time than I’d have liked to pick my way over patch, rotten snow for the first half mile or so. Once down I kept pushing on knowing that I didn’t have a ton of the day left considering the mileage remaining. The mixed creek and meadow areas immediately below the pass were quite beautiful with the trail almost more water than not.
Below the meadows the trail lost some of its charm as I got into slogging mode to bust out the last 5 miles of the day to hit Thousand Island Lake in time to make camp. The drop down to the Rush creek crossing and corresponding climb back up Island pass were particularly demoralizing but I made it to the tarns at Island Pass with great light on Banner and Ritter which pretty much made up for it. Despite my temptations to call it a day at the tarns (around 6:00) I decided to keep pushing down to the main lake to cut a little more mileage off the next day. I waited a little too long into the descent to start looking for sites on the hillside and ended up having to schlep it in almost a half mile along the lake to find a decent unoccupied site around 6:45. I pitched the Cricket again to keep the wind at bay, made a quick dinner and hit the sack after a pretty brutally long day that left me hobbling around camp from the exhaustion.
Take aways from the day were that Lyell canyon is nice but also a little bland, Donohue is a pretty easy pass especially if I had been acclimated and in better shape. More importantly this seemed like a pretty solid section of the JMT well worth hiking (unlike LYV to Sunrise). Also the tarns at Island pass are incredible and probably a better spot to camp than Thousand Island itself due to more sites and no crowds, definitely worth the extra climb if I were doing an overnighter from Angew Meadow.

Day 3 - Hot and dry with a side of sun

Route: Thousand Island Lake to Agnew Meadow via the River Trail, then the PCT to Reds Meadow and JMT/PCT to the Duck Lake Outlet crossing
Data: 25.5 miles, 3700’ gain, 3600’ loss, 13 hours
Having hiked the JMT between Thousand Island and Shadow Lakes last year I knew that the route was hilly and indirect at best compared to the River Trail, which drops more or less straight down to Devil’s Postpile NM. In fact the reroute saves around 4 miles and over 1000’ of elevation gain, which would be crucial since I needed to at minimum get to the Duck Lake outlet crossing to ensure I’d be at VVR at a reasonable time the following morning. Little did I know exactly how miserable the trail through the bottom of the valley would be.
While the initial descent via the River Trail is pretty scenic and generally pleasant, once it bottoms out near Agnew Meadow it turns hot, dry and dusty. Luckily for my feet it was at least a soft, relatively forgiving trail surface but the hiking conditions were less than wonderful. To make the hot dry conditions worse the available water sources were few and overwhelmingly mosquito infested, ruling out the possibility of a nice midmorning break to rest my feet and eat more than a quick snack. Luckily I heard that Reds had reopened just a few days earlier and powered through for the promise of a burger and cold beer when I arrived. Took around an hour to rest up, eat and dry out my groundsheet before getting back on the trail. In hindsight I should have taken some earlier breaks to keep from messing up my feet on the first half of the day but c’est la vie.
Back on trail marked the start of another unfortunately boring slog. The first mile or so was through a shadeless burn scar, followed by a slow climb up to Crater Meadows which left my legs pretty set to call it a day. Another quick rest and I pushed on, stopping occasionally to chat with NOBO PCTers who all seemed to have seen virtually no other hikers heading south, JMT or otherwise. Honestly I was rather surprised and a little disturbed at the number of PCTers who were out on the trail and seemed intent on pushing through to Canada. Once I got into the last 5 miles leading to the Duck lake outlet I realized that there was no way I’d be able to push to Purple lake let alone Virginia, leaving me to chose between bailing and attempting 30 miles the next day to reach a nice camp at Marie Lake. Considering how miserable the preceding miles had been and the prospect of ending the next day with the 2000’ climb up Bear Ridge I made the decision to bail out of Duck Pass. This was good since my feet had developed a few blisters and were generally in rough shape from the lack of breaks and coarse grit stuck in my shoes from the descent earlier and the fact that it took 10 minutes to warm up enough to walk normally after sitting down for more than 5 minutes. I hobbled up to a decent site just past the crossing around 7, made a quick dinner and decided to sleep out under the stars.
Takeaways from the day are that the section of trail I took (River Trail to PCT to PCT/JMT) sucks and it would be way better to avoid it by using the JMT the whole way. An even better idea would be to cut around the wooded lakes between Shadow Lake and the PCT/JMT junction and instead go up to Ediza Lake and take the short off trail route to Minaret lake, hitting more high country and skipping some forest slogging. The section from Reds to the Duck Lake outlet crossing is similarly unfortunate. The first few miles up to Upper Crater Meadow is more or less mandatory but from there it should be possible to cross country up Crater Creek to the Mammoth Crest Trail and hike to Deer Lakes, bypassing some of the forest slog for better views. If I attempt the JMT SOBO again I’ll likely take both of these alternates to avoid what’s probably some of my least favorite trail in the range.

Day 4 - The Art of the Bail

Route: Bail over Duck pass followed by a road walk down to Twin Lakes where the road reopened
Data: 9 miles, 1100’ gain, 2600’ loss, 4.5 hours
I took a little more leisurely start hitting the trail around 6:30am. While my legs felt better than they had the last two mornings my feet were definitely a lot worse for wear. The lack of breaks the previous day had given me a couple blisters but more importantly my feet were just plain tired and clearly needed some rest after doing what was likely more mileage in 3 days than I’d done in the preceding 3 months of quarantine. The climb up to Duck pass was slow but mellow going, Duck Lake had ridiculous bug pressure but nothing was biting, so presumably gnats of some sort rather than mosquitos.
The decent from Duck pass was pretty painless, I passed a fair number of families camped at the lakes below the pass, giving me false hope that the road to the trailhead had opened and my day would only be around 7 miles. Instead after an uneventful but fairly slow walk down to the trailhead I found the parking lot empty. This meant a roughly 2 mile road walk down to the road closure at Twin Lakes to meet my ride. The walk down was absolute chaos of people on bikes and walking, and got progressively worse as I approached the road closure. I finished at Twin Lakes around 11am before getting picked up not long after, followed by the obligatory burger, sweet potato fries and shake from the Burger Barn on the way home.

Gear Musings

Nunatak Arc UL 25: Custom length (75”) and width (57”) with ETC, I didn’t get a chance to really push the limits since it only got down to around 30o at night and I was plenty warm. It’s my first quilt so still getting used to it, but overall pretty satisfied. It was a little drafty the for cowboy camping with a breeze but I think that was mostly just technique error not an actual flaw with the quilt itself. Looking forward to pushing it lower and was happy to find I didn’t need a hat or anything at the temps I saw.
Small Pro-lite: Also quite happy, a big improvement in comfort over my x-lite at a minimal weight penalty (0.5oz). I did add an 1/8” pad under for this trip which helped keep my feet warm without my pack under them for an extra 3.3oz which was well worth it. Overall definitely a keeper, I only wish that there were more options on the market for light self inflating pads.
MLD Cricket: Not entirely sold to be honest, I was kind of hoping this would be my grail shelter but I just couldn’t get the pitch to work the way I wanted in the field, the beak was consistently too low and made getting in and out a pain. It’s also super tall and using a pole jack is a bit of a hassle. It is plenty spacious inside both sitting up or lying down (I’m 6’3”) so definitely a good option for taller hikers (assuming you get the largest, latest version). I’ll probably give it another trip or two and more futzing to see if I can solve the pitch issues but it was a disappointment compared to my Yama Swiftline despite the serious weight savings.
S2S Nano Net: Also not the greatest, honestly was more useful as a full body net to keep the bugs off in camp the first night than it was as a shelter addition. If I end up keeping the Cricket I’ll ditch this and replace it with a bug bivy instead.
La Sportiva Bushido II: I’ve been fairly outspoken about the havoc that the originals have wrought on my feet so I thought I’d eat some crow over these. They’re great, I just massively undersized my previous pair by over a size, moving up fixed the heel issues I’d had with the originals, so that was neat. Guess I should have tried more sizes the first time around.
Soto Windmaster: Works fine, having a piezo that works consistently at altitude is great compared to the awful ones that Jetboil uses. Honestly not my favorite though, works fine enough for the weight savings compared to my MSR Windburner, but kind of annoying how much more sensitive it is to a modest breeze (hardly a fair comparison though). Definitely convinced me never to try something like a BRS since I don’t think I could deal with even worse wind sensitivity.
REI Flash 55: This thing is getting to be a bit oversized for my gear and just didn’t quite ride right this trip even though it has been fine in the past. I’ll definitely keep it for more gear heavy trips but something around 5-10L smaller would have been ideal this time even with a BV500.
Larabars: Somehow I’ve always poo-pooed them and never tried. Turns out they’re delicious on the trail and will be my new goto trail bars moving forward.


I had some fun, some pain and a whole lot of learning on the trip. I was pretty disappointed to not be able to make it work out but in the end it was definitely a worthwhile experience and a good reminder to try to exercise at least a tiny bit during quarantine round two. In a lot of ways the conditions were a nice balance between late season dryness and early season navigational difficulties although I wouldn’t have minded going about a week later once the high meadows had a chance to green up a bit more. Plus I learned some valuable lessons for attempting again later to optimize the route to skip some of the more tedious sections.
Thanks for reading my ramblings, hope you all enjoyed and feel free to leave comments
*edited for formatting
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2020.07.10 15:15 decho Pre-Match Thread: Real Valladolid vs Barcelona [La Liga]

Match Information:

Match: Real Valladolid vs Barcelona
Competition: La Liga
Date: Saturday, 11th of July 2020
Time: 19:30 CEST / 13:30 EDT - Convert to local time
Venue: Estadio José Zorrilla, Valladolid - 27846 capacity
Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz

Lineups and Squads:

Barcelona - Official squad confirmed
GK: Ter Stegen, Neto, Arnau Tenas
DEF: Semedo, Piqué, Lenglet, Alba, Umtiti, Firpo, Ronald Araujo
MID: Rakitić, Busquets, Arthur, Sergi Roberto, De Jong, Vidal, Riqui Puig
ATT: Suárez, Messi, Dembélé, Griezmann, Ansu Fati, Braithwaite
Unavailable: Umtiti, Arthur, De Jong, Dembélé (injured) Ansu Fati (suspended)
Not called:
Real Valladolid - Official squad to be confirmed
GK: Jordi Masip, José Antonio Caro, Samuel Pérez
DEF: Kiko Olivas, Javi Moyano, Antoñito, Nacho Martínez, Mohammed Salisu, Diego Alende, Roberto Corral, Víctor García, Pedro Porro, Raúl García, Javier Sánchez
MID: Hatem Ben Arfa, Pablo Hervías, Rubén Alcaraz, Fede, Toni Villa, Míchel, Joaquín Fernández, Kike Pérez, Matheus Fernandes
ATT: Sergi Guardiola, Óscar Plano, Waldo Rubio, Miguel De la Fuente, Stiven Plaza, Enes Ünal, Sandro Ramírez
Unavailable: Míchel (injured) Mohammed Salisu (doubtful)
Not called:



Form guide:

Real Valladolid

Comments (Post-match thread):

Author: galacticalmess Score: 136 pts Source
I still can’t believe we pressed the whole game today
Author: heyitsahmed Score: 108 pts Source
Clement Lenglet easily MOTM other than Messi, even excluding his goal, he was world class today and seems to be getting better every game, all over the pitch making great tackles and interceptions.
Author: vault101kid Score: 34 pts Source
Loved Messi's 2nd goal but great overall performance from everyone - especially Pique and Lenglet at the back. Nothing you could really do about their goal - just one of those things! Shame Messi didn't complete a hattrick at the end lol!
Author: De4thStrIKE Score: 28 pts Source
Since no one has mentioned . Busi had a great game tonight. My man always gets slash from this sub but he once again showed his class . He really shines when he doesn't have to chase the ball a lot . Since our pressing was effective today his positioning and interception was on point today. One touch pass and tackle were excellent as usual. Hope he continues this against better opponents.
Author: jonnzi Score: 24 pts Source
I am realy not sure if we were so good tonight or real valladolid was so bad. With a adult winger we could have won with doubledigits
And Messi beeing Messi, nothing suprises me anymore i just watch with joy
Author: GP3ElPresidente Score: 13 pts Source
So Messi is only 34 goals away from reaching the 700th goal mark...
And he is only 23 assists away from reaching the 300th mark...
I mean there’s no words really i just cant imagine what it will be like when he steps on the pitch for the last time but i never want to imagine that happening 😓
Author: Roryjustdied Score: 10 pts Source
Solid performances today from Lenglet (MOTMOTM in my opinion), Piqué and Busquets. Glad to see that our defense is improving from the last games.
Messi was on a different level today.
Rakitic and Semedo started bad but they improved a lot.
Still don’t understand why Suarez plays 90’
Author: beastcat Score: 4 pts Source
A great performance by the team and the GOAT today. 5-1 against Valladolid, Messi vidal.and dejong stood out today. Busquets did good but I'd like to see him do good against a top team. Nice win but let's not get ahead of ourselves. At least fati got some minutes, I'd like to see him again next match and hopefully in rythym.
Also, don't let the end of the game drama distract you from today's great performance.


Setién: ''Griezmann? I've always been happy with him, but perhaps he's been participating more since we changed his position." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "I liked the point of inspiration and efficiency that we had against Villarreal. There are many games that we've started frankly well, but that have gotten more difficult for us." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "I would have liked to play with fans against Napoli, but it is what it is and I cannot complain." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Umtiti? Even the doctors have no idea about when he can return to play with us." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Sergi Roberto? He's a player who is so versatile that he can play in any position and do it well. For coaches, it's a relief to have a player of his characteristics." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "After La Liga we're going to take a few days off to rest and disconnect. Then we'll get back to work and it's a possibility to play a friendly game to prepare for the Champions League." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Frenkie is doing quite well, but we thought it was better for him to stay and train so that he has excellent feelings the next game." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "Arthur? It's true that he isn't having minutes lately, but he can have them, and even more so now that some players of the B team are not going to be here. We are going to need all our players." - src @barcacentre
Setién: "The Champions League draw? It's good to know, but we must first focus on beating Napoli. We will play at home, which is fair." - src @barcacentre

Latest News:

[Squad] - The squad for the trip to Valladolid -
[Training] - Recovery session after derby win -
[Article] - When and where to watch Valladolid v Barça -


Livesoccertv Liveonsat
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2020.07.10 15:05 Tommy2Boys B984.A - Wales Justice and Policing Referendum Bill - Amendment Reading

Wales Justice and Policing Referendum Bill

Create a referendum for the people of Wales to vote on whether or not justice, courts, legal profession regulations, and policing policy should be devolved, and to in a legally binding way enact the results in the case of an affirmative vote.
1 Definitions
(a) Approved regulators is defined as the Law Society of England and Wales, the General Council of the Bar, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, the Intellectual Property Regulation Board, the Association of Costs Lawyers, the Cost Lawyers Standards Board, the Master of the Faculties, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and other bodies approved by the Welsh Legal Services Board.
2 Referendum
(1)- A referendum is to be held in Wales over the question of devolving justice and policing policy in Wales (conditions of which can as always be altered by the electoral commission).
(2) Electors will be given a ballot paper with the following statement and responses, presented in both English and Welsh, and shall be asked to select one of the responses
(a) "Should powers over Justice and Policing be devolved from the Parliament of the United Kingdom to the Welsh Assembly, or should they remain reserved to the Parliament of the United Kingdom" (i) "Justice and Policing should be devolved to the Welsh Assembly"(ii) “Justice and Policing should remain reserved to the Parliament of the United Kingdom"
(2A) The Electoral Commission shall review the question before the referendum to ensure that it does not give any side an undue advantage, and to ensure that it is understandable by voters.
(3) The Secretary of State or Welsh Ministers may publish such regulations as necessary to clarify standards of eligibility and conduct of the referendum.
(4) 14 days (m: I asked Dylan for a number and this was the number) after this legislation's passage, a commission on Justice for Wales shall produce a report informing the public on the subject. (M: justice for Wales report in irl)
(5) The referendum shall be held on the 19th of November or 45 days after this legislation’s passage whichever is latest.
(a) Welsh ministers may delay this by as long as one week if scheduling issues or emergencies arise. (b) An alternative date can be set by the electoral commission. (m: Quad)
(6) The Welsh ministers must appoint a Chief Counting Officer for the referendum, who shall be charged with ensuring its efficient execution, and encouraging participation.
(a) The Chief Counting Officer may only be replaced if convicted of a criminal offense or is impaired from doing their abilities. (b) The Chief Counting Officer may appoint deputies to assist in their job. (i) The Chief Counting Officer must also appoint a counting officer for each local government area, with standards for removal being the same as their own.
(7) If the voter turnout is not above 75%, the provisions of this Act shall not come into effect.(8) In order for the provisions of this Act to come into force, 75% of votes cast must be in favour of the proposal.
3 Conduct of the Referendum
(1)- Both English and Welsh printed out copies of the proposal to go into force if this resolution passes shall be made available at all polling stations, with the Electoral Commission being authorized to publish additional guidelines around accessibility.
(2) The Electoral Commission shall be entrusted with full discretion (m: Quad) to establish regulations establishing a formal campaign period, with the following non binding recommendations;
(a) There ought to be a "Should be devolved" and "Should not be devolved" camp, which entities ought to be able to formally sign onto, and with leadership formally designated by the Electoral Commission, with the members of leadership reflective of those who have joined. (i) The "Should be devolved" and "Should not be devolved" camps should be given the permission to produce a one page pamplet each, outlining the case for their respective side, which shall then be distributed to the voters in a way the Electoral Commission deems fit. (b) There ought to be at least two debates during the campaign period between representatives of the "Should be devolved" and "Should not be devolved" camps, with each debate having different participants, but with ultimate authority to approve representatives being given to the leadership of the two sides. (c) A period of purdah must begin no later than 14 days before the designated date of the poll.
4 Legal System Jurisdiction Devolution Overview
(1) The legal jurisdiction of England and Wales is on a forward basis hereby replaced with two separate legal jurisdictions, named England, and Wales. The Welsh jurisdiction’s legal system as a general principle shall be devolved to the Senedd.
(2) In order to facilitate an efficient transition, as a general principle all laws related to matters of the legal system of England and Wales shall copy over to the new jurisdiction of Wales until such time as the Senedd alters them, unless otherwise stipulated in this legislation.
5 Consequential amendments to the Government of Wales Act
(1) Schedule 7A of the Government of Wales Act 2006 is amended as follows.
(2) Omit the subtitle above paragraph 8.
(3) Omit paragraph 8.
(4) For section B4 substitute—“B4 Interception of communications35 The interception of communications; but not—
(a) the interception of any communication made to or by a person detained at a place of detention, if the communication—
(i) is a written communication and is intercepted there, or (ii) is intercepted in the course of its transmission by means of a private telecommunication system running there,(b) the subject matter of Part III of the Police Act 1997 or surveillance not involving interference with property.”
(5) Omit sections B5 to B8, B11, B12 and B15
(6) In 54 after “Misuse of and dealing in drugs or psychoactive substances” insert—“Exception In relation to proceeds of crime resultant from, the offence of trafficking and police powers in relation to such drugs and substances.”
(7) In section J1 (Abortion) Omit paragraph 144
(8) Omit sections L1 to L5 and sections L7 to L14.
(9) Omit section M1.
(10) In schedule 7B omit section 2 and section 3.
(11) After B4 insert a new section—“B5 Criminal and Civil Law" The functions of criminal court and civil courts and laws are reserved only where they—
(a) are not exercised only in relation to Wales, or
(b) relate to reserved matters.
Nothing in this section prevents the Senedd from establishing a High Court in Wales to hear cases permissible under this section.”
6 Commencement, full extent and title
1)- This Act may be cited as the Wales Justice and Policing Referendum Act 2020
2) This Act comes in to force once a vote in the Senedd has been held on a motion that states 'The Welsh Parliament supports and approves the implementation of the Welsh Policing and Justice Devolution Referendum Act.’
(a) This Motion must be passed for the Act to come in to force
3) This Act extends to England and Wales.
This bill was written by the Rt Hon. The Lord Houston MBE PC MSP on behalf of the Labour Party, and is cosponsored by the Democratic Reformist Front, Plaid Cymru, the Libertarian Party, and the Peoples Movement.


Replace Section 2 (5) with:
"The referendum shall be held at a time determined by the Electoral commission"
Explanatory Note: Meets the Conservative Parties request that the time of the referendum be entirely neutral
Replace "14 days" with "21 days" in Section 2 (4)
Explanatory Note: Meets the Conservative Parties request that the time to write a report be extended
Replace Section 3 (1) with
"(1)- Both English and Welsh printed out copies of the proposal to go into force if this resolution passes shall be made available at all polling stations, as well as a limited number of audio versions, with the Electoral Commission being authorized to publish additional guidelines around accessibility."
Explanatory Note: Makes information more accessible to people with visual disabilities
These amendments were submitted by explosivehorse
"change 75% to 50% in both uses"
This amendment was submitted by plebit8080
In 2(7) omit "75" and substitute "30"
In 2(8) omit "75%" and substitute "50% plus one"
These amendments were submitted by lily-irl
Omit section 2(7)
This amendment was submitted by Zygark
Debate on these amendments will end on the 12th of July at 10pm
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fxestp2 in girlsfrontline on 09 Jul 20 (1pts):
Don't wanna hear any Vietnam war joke in here...
fwoixdg in RimWorld on 02 Jul 20 (1pts):
Combat Extended
fw9trey in RimWorld on 28 Jun 20 (1pts):
I see a Pillar man here
fw9rk74 in girlsfrontline on 28 Jun 20 (1pts):
Time to blow up some heads :)
fvt61ez in girlsfrontline on 24 Jun 20 (1pts):
Hers chibi victory pose is also very cute tho.
fvt5umq in RimWorld on 24 Jun 20 (1pts):
Press F to pay respect
fv6hk0s in girlsfrontline on 17 Jun 20 (1pts):
Look like they're big enough
fuzmbve in girlsfrontline on 16 Jun 20 (1pts):
But I see 22, not including Star of course.
fusqvz4 in girlsfrontline on 14 Jun 20 (7pts):


fus3mu1 in arknights on 14 Jun 20 (2pts):
I know that feel, bro.
I know that feel
fum56tf in girlsfrontline on 12 Jun 20 (11pts):
M16, what have you done? The future had been changed! You've created the time paradox!
fum4ad1 in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (1pts):
I don't know what doujin which you're mentioning and I don't wanna know it.
I start imaginating things in my head...
fum331p in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (17pts):
fum2fnq in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (3pts):
For real? How dark does this go?
fum27b5 in RimWorld on 12 Jun 20 (1pts):
That "weather" you mentioned is the wind direction. And is from CE mod.
fum1r8f in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (8pts):
fum18lz in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (5pts):
Then the Hateful Avenger had my vote
fum0vpd in arknights on 12 Jun 20 (5pts):
You mean: "Worst Reunion soldier"?
ftn5e9v in arknights on 11 Jun 20 (1pts):
Finally, some good fuking food ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
fth6mu0 in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (4pts):
Will be notice. Thank for mentioning
fth4kx8 in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (2pts):
Nevermind, thank you!
fth4ccc in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (11pts):
There we go. Took me while...
Anyway, this is a comic series made by my Vietnamese friend, and he agreed to let me translate it
Here is his FB page (not avaliable yet): SanePaint Comic
I'll keep...
fth3d9d in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (2pts):
So what is the ideal size?
fth288n in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (3pts):
Why the picture not showing up?
fth1mqc in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (1pts):
Why the pic doesn't show up?
ftgffy0 in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (2pts):
All we need to stop them is Manticore
ftg4lrd in arknights on 09 Jun 20 (10pts):
No scope friendly kill: 10/10
fte6ju4 in arknights on 08 Jun 20 (10pts):
Saria's suit remind me to Agent 47.
Had I played Hitman too much?
ft9l4xm in RimWorld on 07 Jun 20 (1pts):
Not pitfall a trap. Don't change my mind
ft1xirv in RimWorld on 06 Jun 20 (5pts):
You better run, better run, outta their guns
fsv6sfg in arknights on 04 Jun 20 (3pts):
Oh, new name, new chapter
fsu3wun in arknights on 04 Jun 20 (8pts):
Chen:Doctor,come in! This is Chen! We are under attacked by the Grffin T-doll at the bonyard! Swire,hold the left flank! Do not trust the commander! I'll say it again: Do not the commander!...
fsrp1y2 in arknights on 03 Jun 20 (14pts):
Link of the artist: Facebook
fsrcaos in arknights on 03 Jun 20 (7pts):
First date? Are you sure this our first date?
fsrc4l4 in arknights on 03 Jun 20 (2pts):
Ayy, welcome to Mostima's harem
fsmzgnb in arknights on 02 Jun 20 (50pts):
This is a comic shorts made by my Vietnamese friend on Facebook and he agreed to let me translate it.
Here is his page (not avaliable yet): SanePaint Comic.
I'll will keep uploading on every Tuesday
fsme4kn in arknights on 02 Jun 20 (20pts):
Try to read this, but don't look at the pictures
fsfjy5x in arknights on 31 May 20 (2pts):
I see how it'll end
fsdoclc in arknights on 31 May 20 (1pts):
fsdnyjg in RimWorld on 31 May 20 (1pts):
Not really useful bot :((
fsd75n6 in arknights on 30 May 20 (4pts):
I'll throw away my faith babe just to keep you safe
fsbgk7f in arknights on 30 May 20 (2pts):
Something which is higher than best friend in relationship? What? Too soon?
fsbf0hr in girlsfrontline on 30 May 20 (4pts):
fsbez80 in girlsfrontline on 30 May 20 (4pts):
She is look like a Milf to me now...
fsbei2e in girlsfrontline on 30 May 20 (5pts):
fsbe9ub in girlsfrontline on 30 May 20 (11pts):
Were Welrod's boobs that big?
fsb902w in arknights on 30 May 20 (12pts):
I'm an angel with a shotgun
fsa34d8 in arknights on 30 May 20 (1pts):
So, did you fire her?
fsa2ty5 in girlsfrontline on 30 May 20 (2pts):
Now answer this question: what's six times three?
fry2pum in arknights on 27 May 20 (1pts):
At least she's alive and become deadlier
fry0zt0 in arknights on 27 May 20 (3pts):
Play Ave maria
frs0g9j in arknights on 25 May 20 (4pts):
frs08c9 in arknights on 25 May 20 (5pts):
Oh shit, they had found out the secret.
Gotta build Zompupai Gundam fast
frrz90m in arknights on 25 May 20 (6pts):
And how to play this one?
frrj7dp in RimWorld on 25 May 20 (96pts):
Still waiting for more faction interaction mod.....
frrhlx9 in arknights on 25 May 20 (4pts):
Owl, what happened!? Owl? OWL???
>Continue Quit
frrhe71 in arknights on 25 May 20 (2pts):
frrh67e in arknights on 25 May 20 (1pts):
Soya who?
frippy7 in RimWorld on 23 May 20 (0pts):
I wanna play multiplayer, but I'm consider myself not suck at the game
fripfll in arknights on 23 May 20 (2pts):
No, it's corn candy
fri4afc in arknights on 23 May 20 (2pts):
"This is fine"
-said Swire
frg3xgu in arknights on 22 May 20 (40pts):
I am not intelligent enough to understand this complicated sense of humor. PLEASE. SOMEBODY. ENLIGHTEN ME!
frbseib in arknights on 21 May 20 (20pts):
Warning: Spoiler Alert! S.E.N.D N.U.D.E.S
frbitil in arknights on 21 May 20 (16pts):
Sweet dream are made of screams. Those who lost their mind will disagree. (It's a horror version of "sweet dream are made of this" song... Ok, never mind. Carry on)
frbbuga in arknights on 21 May 20 (58pts):
Are made of scream
fr3mvwn in arknights on 19 May 20 (2pts):
Is this me?
fr1ibsa in RimWorld on 18 May 20 (3pts):
What is exactly "Sexual Companion" you are saying?
fr1c4bi in arknights on 18 May 20 (2pts):


-Billie Eilish
fr197c5 in arknights on 18 May 20 (8pts):
Golf Skadi when?
fr0pbcp in arknights on 18 May 20 (2pts):
A huge wave of Reunion is aproaching! LAST WAVE
fqyy2v3 in arknights on 17 May 20 (5pts):
fqximmn in arknights on 17 May 20 (11pts):
I know your type: tall, dark, and big 🎶


gksfb0 in RimWorld on 16 May 20 (4pts):
Shooting more accurate in base game when
gghkt9 in RimWorld on 09 May 20 (45pts):
Hopefully some day, someone'll make a mod which can add or remove traits through events.
fz0zkc in RimWorld on 11 Apr 20 (2pts):
How to make prisoners work?
fx9cu7 in RimWorld on 08 Apr 20 (0pts):
Goodbye RJW
fwlsje in RimWorld on 07 Apr 20 (0pts):
fpzoaz in arknights on 27 Mar 20 (0pts):
I want Ifrit. I want that little demon/dragon so badly
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2020.07.10 10:32 SuperHotUKDeals Dell G5 15 SE (AMD) Gaming Laptop - 4800H Configuration - £1,019.15 (potentially £905.15) delivered @ Dell Shop

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
£1,019.15 - Dell Shop
Updates since it was last posted previously:
  • 4-Zone RGB Keyboard (US Version) now available, no UK yet unfortunately.
  • CODE: DFCPREMIER takes 15% offthe £1,199 RRP (£50 up from late May '_')
  • TopCashBack registering the purchase at 1.65% (pending): £14 off.
  • AMEX £100 off a £750+ spendis still valid until September.
  • Dell Rewards will also give you £30 worth of vouchers to spend at a later date - min spend £100.
    I'd imagine plenty were thinking about biting the bullet when it came around last time but missed out after the codes expired. Sadly the price went up slightly but this is the lowest I've gotten it to. If TCB and AMEX pay (the code definitely works) - then this could be had for £905.15.
    The Asus TUF A15 comes in at £999 currently but has half the RAM. Supposedly according to bench tests the 5600M does outperform the 1660Ti in quite a few instances.
Helpful Notes from Research:
Concerns about running hot - as many have indicated under full loads both the 4800h and 4600H (even hotter) are hitting 100'C-105'C which as a knock-on means clammy hands and a hot lap. Having trawled Reddit it seems that these high temperatures are manifested in some turbo-boost issues. These appear to have been solved by one user by re-pasting and a couple of nifty (and easy) settings changes in windows. u/EmojiJesus may have cracked the heat issue here getting under full stress testing temps of around 80-85'C which is...for a gaming enough? Some others suggest taking the mesh off the inside of the vents - at your own risk! I'd probably suggest spending £25-£30 on a cooling stand to push some cool air in there.
Increasing Storage - there appears to be a free 2.5'' bay with the 51Whr battery version here - although, no port and no cable to connect. I have trawled Dell spare parts and have yet to find the necessary. You may need to stick to your M.2 for now until that answer is found. There is of course another M.2 Slot for whatever you want to put in there (don't forget to buy a screw though).
4600H or 4800H? - If you're going for Gaming and you want the performance - supposedly the 4600H model fares better due to Smartshift pushing more power to the 5600M. The CPU is less demanding so more is available to shift around...smartly? There is a, roughly, £250 difference between the two options but note that you are getting a smaller SSD and half the RAM and a less powerful processor for the cost saving - given that a 256GB M.2 + 16GB (8 x 2) 3200MHz SODIMM comes in at around £100-110 - it seems silly not to take them up on a bench increase from 14,926 to a whopping 19,163 for the £140ish difference. If you need the cores then it does seem worth it. Other laptops in this price range might see the i7-10750H CPU which only comes in at 12,837, the 9750H at 11,441.
Concerns about resetting mid-way through heavy load activity - a few owners seem to report drop-outs when gaming for a while. The responses seem to have one thing in common - not fully understanding the way that all the hardware and software work together. Many of the issues seem to stem from simple oversights such as updating firmware for the GPU or the BIOS for the CPU. This is a NEW laptop as of Q1 2020 which means that there will be kinks for AMD to iron out with its firmware and its new Smartshift technology. Expect most of these bugs to iron out with updates over time - many advanced users are diagnosing and solving these problems already. It'll only take a bit more time for AMD to release driver updates to solve them for the bigger market of 'non-expert' users. One of the most simple issues I read was something as simple as the AC adaptor coming out of the laptop which led to Windows falling back onto the integrated graphics because of the power settings changing - that happening when you're nailing 100+FPS on Warzone will inevitably cause the laptop to freak out.I get the impression that there is a silent majority of happy users here and unfortunately a few too many people who have been let down by unhelpful sources of technical 'turn it off and on again' style support.
Those thinking of using this Laptop for DAW - I am told that there may be some latency issues caused by the turbo-boost on this laptop I've yet to find a confirmed solution but will continue to look - it does sound like it may be easily solved and that it is not a 'new' problem with these processors. The good news is that the multi-core performance of the 4800H is blowing all of the Intel chips out of the water in what was previously a very Intel dominated market for 'Audio Recording Laptops'. ScanPro Audio provides some useful tips on this. It remains to be seen (or perhaps heard) as to whether this is a minor issue that can be fixed shortly. It is supposedly NOT an issue for the 4600H.
If you want to research for yourself - I'd suggest Jarrod's Tech Youtube videos amongst others and get yourselves onto the AMD and GamingLaptops on Reddit - plenty of helpful users around and I for that I've ordered this laptop will be putting it through its paces when it arrives!
**TL:DR - My research suggests some initial release issues but all seem to be reconcilable and hopefully easily fixed - an acceptable trade off for potential of savings bringing this beast of a laptop down to £905.15.
This deal can be found at hotukdeals via this link:
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2020.07.10 10:16 chonkier Posting on reddit until I get a girlfriend #111

Day 1: I know this isn’t the most creative thing to do here, but I have never been in any sort of relationship and hoped I could get some advice from you redditors. This might take over a year or more to do before I either get one or give up, but good luck future me I guess...
Day 2: No
Day 3: Any tips on how I should hit up my crush?
Day 4: Thinking about messaging her and saying hey to get a conversation started but I have to work up the nerves to do it
Day 5: Love it when I have no internet for online school
Day 6: Beep Boop
Day 7: I think I might wait to try anything until this whole global pandemic thing slows down. It’s been a week and Ill Ive done is realize how boring I am with these posts lol. Probably wouldnt be thinking about this so much if soccer season wasnt cancelled... Anyway, beep boop bye boys. That was a lot of writing...
Day 8: I DID IT GUYS! I TALKED TO A GIRL! Jk no I didnt lol
Day 9: Yes this is day 9.
Day 10: After 10 days, my preditction for how long this will go on is... idk fucking forever
Day 11: I tried starting a conversation with my crush on snapchat and she didnt even open it :(
Day 12: Last night she responded to my snap message from 2 days ago and now we might have a streak
Day 13: I am bored today no news lads
Day 14: We dont talk about day 14
Day 15: I have acquired a 4 day streak with my crush and I rly want to talk to her but my scaredness is overtaking my temptation
Day 16: Nothing happened today
Day 17: When you cant stop thinking about a person is not an epic gamer moment, especially cuz we’re stuck at home and cant do anything about it. i want this to be over already so i can try to talk to her.
Day 18: Hi again guys and gals
Day 19: Dont worry Im just passin’ by you sorting by new
Day 20: Woohoo day 20! I tried to talk to her... i snapped her and said hey but she didnt even open it i guess she dont care. that was last night too.
Day 21: Now beginning to realize that this has the potential to take years
Day 22: Just passing by your feed for the day hope you guys are doing well :)
Day 23: Hello
Day 24: Hello #2
Day 25: How are you guys doing today?
Day 26: If I was a news network, I would be bankrupt because I have no news
Day 27: Helloooo
Day 28: I want someone to talk to lol
Day 29: Hello #3
Day 30: Hooray day 30 only like 2 more years to go
Day 31: Im pretty much giving up on talking to girls online so im gonna wait until school starts in the fall and start trying there, so the minimum for this chain of posts in probably like 150.
Day 32: I officially give up... for now
Day 33: 333333
Day 34: technically its actually day ((9(4)+8)/2)+(3(4))
Day 35: Life huh
Day 36: So glad I finally have someone to talk to here on reddit
Day 37: Today’s date is April 28th
Day 38: I almost have 20 followers from doing this like what
Day 39: Its getting harder to remember to post
Day 40: A new milestone aha
Day 41: shit wack
Day 42: Bing bong your opinion is wrong
Day 43: What videogames do you guys play
Day 44: Badabadabada babaaa badabadaba badabaaaaaaaa
Day 45: Whats ur favorite color
Day 46: Day 40 feels like yesterday wth
Day 47: Ice cream yum yum
Day 48: Im posting this at 4:20
Day 49: Ok, so like, um, haha, maybe?
Day 50: Ah, day fifty. You know, I heard that a girl doesn’t want you if they don’t text you first. And guess what happened today.... Nobody texted me I don’t think a girl has ever texted me first now that I think about it
Day 51: I looked at the mirror today and I was like damn i look sexy ahahaha
Day 52: egg
Day 53: Tomorrow’s my last day of online school yerrrrrrr - Also I have somehow now gained 32 reddit followers from doing this shit
Day 54: Shablam shazam
Day 55: Dos rosquillas por favor
Day 56: Is it just me or do the colors purple and turquoise go perfectly together
Day 57: Hangin out with my friend shut up stupid i dont care
Day 58:
Day 59: B
Day 60: I
Day 61: N
Day 62: G
Day 63:
Day 64: The days are beginning to feel shorter and faster...
Day 65: holy hell
Day 66: But you gotta fall back from doing all that extra Why you dancin wit the devil
Day 67: Im the definition of a bandit
Day 68: Idk why bro but i cant get over her even though i only barely ever see her on sc... today was her birthday and i said happy birthday she said thank you.. im ranting but tomorrow eh? nice.
Day 69: Self explanatory joke please leave your laughs in the comments.
Day 70: I accidentally flushed one of my airpods down the toilet when it fell off so now I only have one airpod. it sucks and im sad and then im even more sad bc i realize that having one airpod is this big of a problem to me
Day 71: big sad?
Day 72: Hooga Badooga Googa
Day 73: The internet ruined me
Day 74: I dont want my depression to come back but today I felt it for the first time in a while...
Day 75: Nononononono I changed this one
Day 76: Summer is cool and all, looking at snapchat stories of all the people you know hanging out with each other while sitting in bed alone
Day 77: Hung out with friends today, UNO reverse card ()()()
Day 78: Bliggle ba giggle diggle
Day 79: Have you ever put butter on a poptart... It’s so frickin good... Have you ever put butter on a poptart... If you haven’t then I think you should
Day 80: •_•
Day 81: He just gon’ throw shots at you before he throw subliminals
Day 82: mBeebopmSkeetleebebopmDopm
Day 83: You a lame, you aint gang, so I cant hang with ya
Day 84: He haw he haw
Day 85: I have 78 followers because of this. 78.
Day 86: RipCity?
Day 87: Salmon, rice, mango
Day 88: Yall ever just E E E E
Day 89: xue hua piao piao bei feng xiao xiao
Day 90: Just mixed the Bape with the Simons, my bad
Day 91: There are two types of lonely people. Those that are lonely by choice, and those that are lonely due to circumstances. And I don’t know which one I am.
Day 92: I want to kill myself. I hate my family I hate everyone nothing is good I want to die
Day 93: I think Im bipolar. I either feel very happy or very sad and I think these posts are kinda proof of that. I try my best to stay happy but its hard a lot of the time. Anyway, IgotblackIgotwhitewatchuwant
Day 94: Im gonna start rating my day out of ten on here. Today was a 9/10
Day 95: 4/10
Day 96: 8/10
Day 97: 8/10
Day 98: hmmmm 7/10
Day 99: 9/10 also tomorrow is a big day for this series of posts
Day 100: Wow um okay that went fast. I feel like for today I should give some sort of little update or speech kinda thing. So basically, I kind of have a crush right now but I dont know if I want to pursue her its complicated. Right now its summer break so imma wait til school starts again to try for real again. I can actually talk to girls in person cuz they dont talk to me online lol. I dont know how long this series will go but I will try to post every day until it happens. As of right now my confidence in finding a girlfriend is very low. I dont know how long this is gonna take but probably quite awhile. All I want is for someone to love me for me and a girl that I can share my feelings with, since right now I dont have a person to do that with. I want to lose my virginity, but before that I want to have my first real kiss, or before that even, I want to hold hands or hug a girl. I live a lonely life. Dont be me.
Day 101: Egg penis
Day 102: hooga badooga gag
Day 103: Gooba
Day 104: I havent had a conversation with a girl online or in person since March. (•_•)
Day 105: Blippa blop i guess but like its the 4th of July i guess
Day 106: My copy is ready for pasta
Day 107: Do I even want a girlfriend tho
Day 108: I mean like kinda
Day 109: You dont want no problems at ur party dont invite me ahahaaahaha jk i dont get invited to things ahahaa
Day 110: just another post for my 120 followers to enjoy
Day 111: 111 111 111 111 111 111 111 111
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2020.07.10 10:13 throwaway_2634 How does women's sexual outlook change in the 20's, 30's and 40's?

I recently made a post over on dating over 40 about what would women think about dating a guy who’s nearly 50 and doesn’t have much sexual experience? One of the commenters wrote, "I think women post 40 look for many different things and sexual inexperience doesn’t necessarily deter interest". Another commenter wrote, "At this point (at 34) it's about sexual compatibility, not discoveries".
Cleary very different perspectives. What do women look for in their 20's, 30's and 40's? Sadly, I've been celibate for 29 years and I've missed out on so much of my life. I've not gone through the normal progression of life when it comes to sex and relationships. I'm now curious about what kinds of things I've missed out on. What are the different things that women look for as each decade passes? Does sexual interest or behaviour change?
I remember reading a post a while ago about a guy who discovered his girlfriend had tried all sorts of things including anal. He had always wanted to try anal, but his girlfriend refused saying she was a different person back then and that she didn't want to do that with somebody she loved and cared for deeply. I only bring this up as example as it seems to illustrate a change in outlook...
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2020.07.10 07:49 itsa_malachi Mets' top pitching prospects - #14, Jefferson Escorcha

It's time for my personal favorite overlooked Mets prospect, Venezuelan lefty reliever Jefferson Escorcha, who, at age 20, is currently assigned to the Kingsport Mets in high-rookie ball. Escorcha was signed in July of 2016 as a 16-year-old, but didn't begin his pro career until June of the following year, when he was given a spot on the DSL B-team.
The only image of this dude that comes up on DuckDuckGo
Escorcha served as a closer in the DSL, where over 21 relief appearances and 29 innings, he put up a 1.86 ERA, a 1.379 WHIP, and 28 K's against 23 walks (intentional or otherwise). His FIP and xFIP were 2.99 and 3.41, respectively. That was his worst baseball to date, and it was played entirely while he was the age of a high school junior. In 2018, Escorcha returned to the B-team, where he posted a 1.69 ERA over 32 IP in 15 games. He had an absolutely absurd 0.625 WHIP - he faced 120 batters and 24 reached base. He had a 3.7 H/9 and a 2.0 BB/9, compared to his 11.5 K/9. Now I know this is the DSL B-team, but still. After his utter domination there, he was moved up to the A-team in July of 2018.
One level higher, Escorcha continued to put up crazy numbers. His ERA dropped to 1.42 over 25.1 innings, including 3 starts. His H/9 more than doubled, however, to a still-very-good 7.1 while his BB/9 shrank again, to a measly 1.8. In fact, he had as many HBPs as BBs, the former of which continues to be his biggest problem, it seems. His strikeout rate fell considerably, but if you're walking 5 batters out of every 103, you don't really need to generate a lot of strikeouts.
In 2019, he skipped the GCL and continued to perform admirably in Kingsport. His worst season yet by ERA, he accrued a 2.38 mark against a 3.85/3.95 FIP/xFIP. His BABIP against was .301. Over 15 games and 41.2 innings, he faced 169 batters, walking a grand total of eight for a 1.7 BB/9, contributing to a very respectable 1.152 WHIP. He also allowed only 7 XBH, 4 of which were doubles. In a hypothetical 2020 season I would have brought him up to Brooklyn to begin the year.
Escorcha (5'11", 178) is a very strange prospect. I made this list by taking a cursory look at every Mets prospect with good stats or crazy raw ability (i.e. Robert Dominguez, who will be featured soon) and then analyzing each pitcher's game day by day. Now it's July 9th and I can't find anything at all about Escorcha. No tape, no scouting reports, no blog posts, nothing. He shows up in Prospects1500's list of the Mets' top 50 farmhands at #30, but he is given only two sentences of introduction: "Escorcha has succeeded by limiting walks and hard contact. A lefty with good results in rookie ball is intriguing to follow into more advanced levels." I did find two videos on his Instagram, one of which (from 2019) showcased a slider with sickening 12-6 bite at the plate. I'm kind of surprised none of these pictures show him barefoot except for one giant hiking boot. The biggest knock on Escorcha so far is that he has only pitched against rookie leaguers, so maybe I'm getting a little overexcited, but this guy has been a personal favorite since I heard his name and I'll stand by his potential. Imagine hearing Gary Cohen call him pitching the last strike of the game and then Ron quietly remarks "a scorcher from Escorcha," which is repeated by Keith with a chuckle. Anyway, moving on
Previous installments:
#15 Tylor Megill
#16 Daison Acosta
#17 Dedniel Nunez
#18 Harol Gonzalez
#19 Tony Dibrell
#20 Michel Otañez
#21 Jordany Ventura
#22 Franklin Parra
#23 Joshua Cornielly
#24 Bryce Hutchinson
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2020.07.10 06:53 BunnyMuffins Everything WRONG with C9 Tournament

Everything WRONG with C9 Tournament
TLDR: The Cloud 9 tournament is very unorganized despite Cloud9 being a premiere esports org in North America. The organizer for the tournament is out of touch with TFT and some of the tournament Invites are suspect. The format and timing of the tournament doesn’t promote a competitive environment. The TFT community deserves better if we want to have a growing competitive scene. I highly suggest reading the whole post or watching the video before making any judgements on this TLDR
This write up is not meant to flame players. Just tournament organizers. At the same time, we have to be logical and realize that 1400LP is a bigger amount than 200LP. Also I wish i didn't have to be so harsh, but when Warcraft 3 tournaments in 2005 are more fluid than tournaments run by Riot and Cloud 9 in 2020, we have an issue.
Let’s talk about this C9 Tournament. I am pretty disappointed so far on so many fronts. We will go over the format, the timing, the transparency, and the invites. We will go over what C9 has done and what Riot has done.
I HIGHLY suggest you watch the video because I go in depth and the pictures and websites are much easier to follow along. Play it in the background or second monitor as you play TFT because I may have left some details out in this text post. I’ve turned off monetization/ads so I literally don’t gain any money from you watching the video. I just hope a tournament organizer sees this and hopefully doesn’t make these egregious mistakes again. I also hope this promotes the entire competitive TFT landscape and maybe people will start taking the scene more seriously because I enjoy this game and I hope it is here to stay. Here is the link to the video if you want an easier time to follow along:
However, I know reddit likes write-ups, so here it is. Also, I know not everyone is in NA, but honestly NA appears to have the most organizations around TFT, so the tournaments/Worlds Qualifications in other regions might be EVEN WORSE THAN THIS, so I highly suggest other regions take notes.
There are almost no TFT tournaments from Riot. For the TFT tournaments that have happened, they have been so unorganized it is crazy. Keep in mind, we are talking about Team Liquid and Cloud 9, the two premiere Esport organizations in North America. Starting with the Team Liquid tournament that didn’t have enough signup slots for the best players to the terrible seeding they had which plotted every challenger player in the same lobby in the first round. Now we are at the C9 tournament where the organizers show that they are out of touch with the game. This tournament is 1 of 2 tournaments that feed into the NA Regional qualifier for the World Championships. And then they make this tournament an INVITATIONAL? This is the tournament where the best of the best are supposed to play and give high level TFT action for all of us to watch. Listen, I’m all for promoting the game by inviting popular players or players who draw different types of audiences, but when I look at the invite list, I’m not convinced that C9 took that angle seriously either. I do not see any consistency in the criteria for their invites. Let’s take a look at the list.
Invited GG Becca Esportslaw Emilyy TL Saintvicious Agon NaturesBF C9 Khroen Thi3n Inay JinxedJK ThatsPrimal kci
Let me preface this by saying I am not making this post because I think I should be invited. I do not deserve an invite, I am not in Challenger anymore and don’t play the game that much. I will also say that it is extremely odd that a Weekend Player (me) is higher rank than some of the invites. I do however, want the TFT scene to grow and I enjoy watching high level play. When people watch any competition, they usually enjoy watching the best players or their favorite. I will also say that this is C9’s tournament, so I guess they can invite whoever they want IF this wasn’t one of the ONLY big tournaments with qualifications into the World Championships. I also do not blame the players I am about to call out for accepting the invite because everyone in their position would do the same. I am blaming the tournament organizer for being so out of touch and giving random players a free dice roll for qualifying for worlds.
On another note, I have competed in different games in the past, and there is very little someone who is actually more deserving of an invite can do. If one of these players speaks out or complains, they are seen as salty and probably ruin their chances of being invited to future tournaments if they speak ill of tournament organizers. I am here to speak up for these players—I will mention a few later in this post, and many of them are
  1. Better players on Set 3.5 than the invited list. Let’s invite the best players
  2. Better players historically (previous sets). TFT is a game of consistency.
  3. Have a bigger following. Let’s invite popular players for more sponsorship + viewership.
I would love to hear people’s thoughts on this and am ready to take the heat. If someone is both better historically, currently, and have a bigger following, what could they have done differently to try to get an invite?
When looking at this list, some names are ‘deserving’ of the invite, some I cannot see any justification at all. I am fine with inviting big personalities because this will improve viewership, get more sponsors for the tournament, and hopefully bring different audiences to the game. But looking at the list, I checked the which is a stat tracking site for Twitch for all of these players and see that only a few of them pull more than 500 concurrent viewers. Many pull less than 100, some less than 50. Are streamers who only pull 50 viewers really deserving of a spot through clout? Let’s assume everyone over 500 concurrent viewers get an invite. This means I believe that inviting Becca, Saintvicious, Emily is fair game. I will also make an exception for Esportslaw since he has a large (21k) Twitter following and reaches a different audience than a typical TFT streamer. The rest of the invites should at least be top players, right?
Here is the standings for NA TFT ladder points:
This document is maintained by Riot and is used to track who the best players are over the months of the NA Regional Qualifiers. If the tournament organizer has no idea who to invite, he can easily take a look at this spreadsheet and find someone in the top 50 who also streams/makes content and invite them. Whatever the case, let’s take a look at the players left
Current Rank: Challenger (~800LP ~275 games played)
Previous Sets: Challenger, Challenger, Challenger
NA Ladder Points: 245
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 176
Notes: Finished set 1 at rank 3
Should he be invited?: Yes because he is currently challenger, previously been challenger, very high ladder points, decent size stream.
Current Rank: Diamond 2 (12 games played)
Previous Sets: Challenger, Challenger, GM
NA Ladder Points: 65
Avg Concurrent Viewership: N/A
Notes: I think he took a break since he hasn’t played much recently. However, he finished Set 1 rank 6, set 2 rank 8 so he’s obviously a very strong player.
Should he be invited?: Maybe/Yes? I think this invite is justified because he was a very strong contender in early sets and maybe he had other things going on in his life once the Ladder Snapshot points started.
C9 Khroen
Current Rank: Challenger (~800LP ~100 games played)
Previous Sets: Challenger, GM, Master
NA Ladder Points: 140
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 51
Notes: Has strong tournament results in previous tournaments
Should he be invited?: Yes, he’s a strong player. Does well in other tournaments. Has decent ladder points. Is part of C9.
Current Rank: Master (~550LP ~275 games played)
Previous Sets: GM, GM, Challenger
NA Ladder Points: 55
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 22
Notes: 31st in set 3
Should he be invited?: No. Low viewership, he’s currently Masters. Only challenger once. While 31st is good, it’s not top 10, and it was only for one set.
Current Rank: Challenger (~800LP ~80 games played)
Previous Sets: Challenger, Challenger, Challenger, Challenger
NA Ladder Points: 180
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 72
Notes: Nothing much, he is high challenger every set
Should he be invited?: Yes. Challenger every set, decent ladder points.
Current Rank: Masters (~250LP ~150 games played)
Previous Sets: Challenger, D1, Challenger, Masters
NA Ladder Points: 65
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 86
Notes: Rank 3 in Set 3
Should he be invited?: Maybe? Not the strongest resume, not the weakest.
Current Rank: Challenger (~800LP ~400 games played)
Previous Sets: P4, N/A, Challenger
NA Ladder Points: 115
Avg Concurrent Viewership: N/A I have looked everywhere, cannot find his stream or any social media presence. If someone has this, let me know in the comments.
Notes: No one I’ve asked knows who he is. Apologies if you have a large following, but I honestly couldn't find you.
Should he be invited?: No. He’s not a bad player, but there are plenty of better players (both currently and historically) based on ladder points and current rank. For example, he’s never been top 10 on any ladder snapshot, so if there’s an invitee who has absolutely 0 social media presence, you’d expect them to be a top end player.
Current Rank: Master (~350LP ~250 games played)
Previous Sets: GM, Challenger, Master
NA Ladder Points: 15
Avg Concurrent Viewership: 35
Notes: 15 Ladder points
Should he be invited?: No, he has 15 ladder points and doesn’t have a big social media following. I even checked twitter, Youtube, and Instagram just in case I was missing something, and he only has 1,000 followers on those platforms
Let’s look at some players that could have been invited instead. Again, I'm not affiliated with any of these players, it's just some names I've noticed in the Rankings that stood out.
Nhan Tam has two accounts, one with 280 ladder points, one with 140. His smurf is higher than these other invites. Also I have no idea how he didn’t qualify via points because he has been top 25-50 every week. Maybe he was 21st place?
Treebeard has 215 Ladder points and has 218 average concurrent viewers on Twitch. He also has 17k followers on twitch. He is literally better + more popular than some of these invites (even kci who has no social media presence at all)
RayditzFN has 125 Ladder points. 270 average viewers on twitch. Again, both more popular + better player than some of these invites.
There are many more examples than I have listed, but I’d love to hear from the tournament organizer to see what the criteria was for the invites. There is no logic behind some of these invites. I really think you have to be delusional to think that on paper these players are deserving of an invite and it brings up the question of foul play. I certainly hope there is none of that, but when invites are sent like this, it brings up that question.
Now lets talk about the format. Check out MismatchedSocks’s post. A tournament with this importance shouldn’t be a “you had a bad day, too bad, you are out.” It’s easy to criticize, let me propose a format Cloud 9 could have used instead.
July 8: Group A 2 games, Group B 2 games
July 9: Group C 2 games, Group D 2 games
July 15: Group A 2 games, Group B 2 games
July 16: Group C 2 games, Group D 2 games.
Was that hard? I wish TFT had a higher sample size than 4 games, but I understand that time is a factor, so I proposed a solution that has the same amount of games played as the current tournament.
Let’s not even mention that the release date for each TFT patch is public knowledge
Why did they make the tournament the day of a patch + a hotfix? Literally 2 patches in a day and they decide to hold the tournament on this day.
Now let’s talk about Riot and their spreadsheet.
This spreadsheet was not updated all of June. It’s updated once a month, and the C9 tournament uses Cycle 4-8 according to their website. WHERE IS THE 8TH CYCLE IN THIS SPREADSHEET? At the time of writing, this is blank. Is it that difficult to update this sheet for transparency so that those who barely missed the cut can actually see that they missed out? I looked up some of the qualified players, and they are MUCH lower on the point total than some of the people who missed out (less than 125 points, vs the 200+ of some people who weren’t invited).
Here is a comparison of all the players' points:
Note that C9 only cares about points in Cycle 4-8, but Cycle 8, which ends on June 30 isn't publicly posted at time of writing on July 10th. THG SPENCER HAS 205 POINTS
Were the qualified players even qualified? We have 0 clue because Riot doesn’t put in the effort to update their spreadsheet more than once a month. Note that I couldn't find THGSpencerZ's account in the spreadsheet, so let me know if you know who that is.
That’s it, sorry for the long post. Check the video if you want more details and clarity since it is MUCH easier to follow along to the video. I’m not here to flame other players. I just want to hold Competitive TFT to a higher standard and promote a more competitive environment. And yes, I realize that thatsPRIMAL just qualified to the next stage of the tournament. But honestly, anyone can high roll on any day, and many other players were more deserving of this free dice roll to try to get into the NA Regional Finals. For example, I’ve faced top challenger players on ladder myself and manage to do decently or even win in some games. You would be a fool to think that a Master player will outplay Top 20 players in a bigger sample size. Again, I’m a weekend player, and my weekend account ( is a higher rank than some of these players, and I strongly believe that there is an enormous skill gap between a random GM and a top 20 player. It’d be like a GM playing in low Diamond or Plat. But hey, in 4 games, anything can happen because the sample size is so small.
Again, none of the other players who probably should have been invited should speak out because they will be seen negatively in the community and hurt their invite chances in the future. Since I don’t care about invites, I hope I can speak up for those players who should probably remain silent. I’d also like to reiterate that the players who got invited aren’t at fault—it’s the tournament organizers whose actions make it look like they are out of touch with the TFT scene.
I’d love to hear more from the C9 Tournament Organizer about the format, invites, and timing.
Edit: updated chart to include Spencer's points
Some people say "they are trying! give them a break!"
Here's an article from C9 that implies they would do weekly updates for the Ladder Point standings on June 5: It appears they couldn't afford to pay an intern to write one article per week to update the standings. We don't even need a write up, we just need the points updated (as of 7/10 Cycle 8 is still not visible)
I’d also like to reiterate that this isn’t some random tournament. This is one that affects world championship opportunities for players
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2020.07.10 06:24 Anonymous2020FTP Ghislaine Maxwell and the maxwellhill conspiracy theory. A partial compilation of connections

A compilation of coincidences regarding the maxwellhill reddit account and Ghislaine Maxwell. - ModeratoLead Moderator of many huge subs like worldnews and technology
Here, in the 3rd comment, maxwellhill states "Having said that I believe hiding your name defeats the purpose of being a redditor. If you need to disguise yourself in order to hoard karma points then you are better of not being part of the community...because you can't seriously be enjoying yourself. The day I stop having fun through submitting stories and messaging 'friends', I will leave reddit and go elsewhere."
This could explain why Ghislaine Maxwell would choose a username that starts with "maxwell."
Ghislaine's father, Robert Maxwell, was born "Robert Hoch". Hoch is German for "Hill."
Edit: a number of users have mentioned that "Hoch" doesn't mean hill, it means high. The actual German word for hill is Hügel.
Alternatively, Robert Maxwell lived in Headington "Hill" Hall in Oxford, from which he often flew in his helicopter, and sailed in his luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine.
These both would explain the "Hill." - Maxwell Hill
Ghislaine Maxwell was born December 25, 1961 according to the internet. Here, maxwellhill declares their birthday being in December, and after the 21st.
What are the odds? Let's keep going..
Here, a user finds that you can block the account of maxwellhill, but you will still see their posts and comments regardless of the block.
Undeniably strange power comes with that account. Hmm...
Here we see that the death of Elisabeth Maxwell (Ghislain Maxwell's mother) lines up with a 3 day break in posting, followed by multiple posts per day thereafter as usual.
Another coincidence?
This article claims that the reddit account maxwellhill stopped posting comments on the 26th of December. "To date, maxwellhill has never publicly broken his silence regarding the technology or politics drama. [Their] last Reddit comment was made on Dec. 26. It’s been about a week since [they] posted [their] last link, a strange sign for someone who has posted at least six times a day for years."
The Following day, December 27th, the FBI publicly stated they were investigating Ghislaine Maxwell.
Another coincidence?
Here, we see that the disappearance of Madeleine McCann lines up with a break in the posting history of the maxwellhill account, meanwhile police sketches resemble Ghislaine Maxwell. There were 5 other suspects with police sketches as well.
If that's not it, then at the same time, in May 2007, Epstein's lawyers started hearing about his federal indictment.
Here we see another power mod of worldnews, coming in the defense to claim that maxwellhill is a Malaysian male, and trying to squash this "conspiracy theory." We know to be false from the AMA from a decade ago, and the comments where maxwellhill talks about malaysia. Not to mention the post history does not seem like Malaysian male, but I digress. Nice try anyway.
Here, we see the Former Reddit CEO Ellen K. Pao saying "*we knew about her supplying underage girls for sex*, but I guess that was fine with the "cool" people who managed the *tightly controlled guest list*"
So, we know that Ghislaine Maxwell was involved with high levels of Reddit executives, attended Reddit parties with "tightly controlled guest lists," and we also know that maxwellhill was also involved with high levels of Reddit executives. We also know that Reddit executives were AWARE of Ghislaine's criminal lifestyle, but they were "in bed" with her anyway.
Freudian slip.
Edit: a redditor has pointed out one correction re: the reddit and Ellen pao part. That party wasn’t a reddit party, it was a Kleiner Perkins event (high level consultants) and this was before she worked at Reddit.
""Right now reddit is floating aimlessly in an ocean reacting to the wind and tides without a captain steering it out of any troubles it may encounter,” maxwellhill said of Pao’s tenure as Reddit’s interim CEO."
Here, maxwellhill is outspoken against Pao. The user also uses an ocean metaphor. Ghislaine Maxwell runs an ocean charity, and is huge on social media and ocean conservation. You can find all that in this youtube video:
maxwellhill also posts quite a number of ocean-related links in the "worldnews" community. This makes sense considering Ghislaine's feelings towards oceanic news:
"You are more likely to see a story detailing the best celebrity beach bodies than something newsworthy concerning the seas."
There were at least 4 oceanic conservation "world news" posts by maxwellhill in the past 2 months alone.
Here, maxwellhill is called out for being a reddit operative/plant. Two notable users come in to defend the account against these allegations. Those two users (qtx and davidreiss666) both run many subreddits (including NSFW subreddits) such as gonewild, shorthairedhotties, PrettyGirls, and sexygirls. After being called out for involvement, qtx started deleting their defenses of the maxwellhill account.
How many other moderators may be involved? Could they be abusing their positions?
There is no verification of age on the subreddits, fyi. And no moderation of the moderators, as far as I'm aware.
If anything, we were able to at least weed out some weirdos that were defending the account. PSA: If you are involved in any of this, you will be named and shamed.
This facebook page posted multiple news articles daily until June 30, the same day as the maxwellhill account. They also mention maxwellhill many times in their posts.
The site that the posts link to are down.
Another coincidence?
Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire early Thursday morning. maxwellhill's last post was Wednesday @ 5:08PM regarding a 1 billion dollar bitcoin transaction.
Dead man / emergency switch?
Here, everything is detailed on how maxwellhill, became one of Reddit's first and most important users and helped "bring down" technology. It shows the account has been involved at the upper levels of this space; this account had a successful infiltration plan, and was fluent in nuanced propaganda tactics, and subtle but effective power moves.
But how deep does this really go?
Here, maxwellhill posts a link to a blog titled "Three strong reasons child porn must be re-legalized in the coming decade"
I also just want to take a moment to say u/Goatstein is a god - "hey look at all those fucking words you just wrote in support of legalizing child pornography. i didnt read any of that shit but you should have your family do so, i'm sure they'd be very proud of you" followed by "you caught me. i read "a few counter points" then noticed a wall of text incoming and quickly deduced that there was nothing i could be doing that wouldn't be more productive than reading that bullshit"
But I don't want to detract from this so I will repeat it. Here, maxwellhill posts a link to a blog, and titles the post "Three strong reasons child porn must be re-legalized in the coming decade".
I want you all to remember this. The maxwellhill accounts purposefully edits the titles of their posts. They are fully aware of what they are posting. They know they can edit titles. They have admitted to editing titles. They **chose** to post this with the title of "Three strong reasons child porn must be re-legalized in the coming decade."
Here - maxwellhill posted a link to an article regarding Epstein. "Deutsch Bank's week from hell just got worse after reported links with Epstein and a US probe into its role in the Malaysia 1MDB scandal"
The top comment (with 213 points) was removed by moderators. It read as "The Times reported that compliance officers at Deutsche raised concerns about transactions by Epstein's company, saying he posed a reputational risk to the bank."
Why did they remove that? Controlling The Narrative?
Another worldnews mod claiming it's a man from Malaysia. Also, deletes their comments afterwards and edit out parts stating that 'maxwellhill can't speak english well, but ghislaine can.' But, we know maxwellhill can speak english just fine, from the fact they are British, and living in the U.S. as stated earlier. How many british people living in the u.s. don't speak english well?
Here we can learn a lot about how the account came to power as well.
"At that time there were about 10 key redditors whose links constantly made the front page. I wasn't one of them." ... "Then the top five redditors left to work for Jason Calcanis and AOL, paid to provide content [...] I think the experiment failed, though, because Jason soon left to start his own company." ... "I saw an opportunity in the hole left behind by the top five, so I decided to focus my energy on becoming number one on reddit."
Was the "experiment" purposefully created to get rid of the top 5 redditors - by paying them to post content on another site? It is likely that those redditors were told they could no longer post on Reddit as a part of their agreements.
Goes around correcting the age of consent in various countries ( ( - ModeratoLead Moderator of many huge subs like worldnews and technology
- Posts nearly every day for 14 years up until Ghislaine Maxwell's arrest
- Gaps in posting line up with Maxwell's mother's death ( and the Kleiner Perkins party ( where Ellen K. Pao reported seeing Maxwell
- Goes around correcting the age of consent in various countries ( (
- Posts articles about why we should legalise child exploitation material (
- Gripes about *over-zealous* child protection laws (
- Accused of corruption, auto-deleting mentions of their own account and a select few others:
Here's a scrape of their deleted/removed comments:
Full comment archive, including suspected alts:
Spread the word before this all gets taken down.
Edit 2: bruh
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2020.07.10 05:28 sugarthrow135 What's my (SD) Biggest Obstacle

So after a year or two lurking on here, I finally joined SA earlier this year (pre-pandemic). I'd heard so many stories of men treating SBs with disrespect, scamming, pump and dumping, being cheap or just being flat out creeps. I was actually sort of excited to just be a normal human being on SA. Felt like the bar was low and that I could jump way over it. I couldn't have been more wrong.
At this point I'll share brief background. I'm on the younger side (late 30s). I'm married. I'm in decent shape, I'm not a lady magnet, but never had too much trouble dating before I married. I live in a major city in the Northeast.
So back to my story. During the first week on SA I messaged 200 or so women. Basically anyone who looked interesting within 50 miles. I really was disappointed to not receive nearly the interest I expected. A vast majority of the interest I did receive was from escorts. Typically I would ask to meet for coffee and they would suggest meeting at a hotel. I had a few M&Gs. Two went really poorly. One was really sweet but I just wasn't feeling it. One was not anything like her pictures. After a few weeks I got very busy at work and let the membership lapse. Recently got the urge to get back on again and I'm wondering what I can do to have a better experience?
I'm also curious if maybe the fact that I'm married is a bigger obstacle than I thought? Or could it be that I'm younger? I assumed that would be a positive, but despite the fact that I'm not looking to try and vanilla date on the site (made that clear in my profile) maybe I was stereotyped? Or maybe SA is just hard even for SDs and I should suck it up and stop whining on Reddit?
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2020.07.10 04:25 WaitingForEcstasy 🍆 55 Measurements from a Size Queen 🍆

Sooo I'm a size queen that after 20 years with 2 guys and little/no sex (both deadbedrooms) went WILD when I finally broke up with the last guy last April. I posted below as a comment and was suggested to make it a post.
At 18 I had bought a 8"x6" dildo that I used all that time and when I would switch to a smaller one, it just wouldn't feel as good. A month into my sexcapades, I got a dildo that was 9"x 8.5" and loved it! So I was in pursuit of finding a HUGE cock as close to that as I could get.
Got on 11 dating sites. When texting after matching, I brought up size pretty early as that was what I was looking for. Actually put it in my profile in a round about way. Framed it that I have a fetish for it and that I like to actually measure with a tailors tape.
So in 2019 I was with 55 guys, which I tracked in the "Secret Diary" sex tracking app. I loove data so have transferred the info into a spreadsheet.
Here are the length numbers:
4-4.9" 2 ~ 3.64%
5-5.9" 12 ~ 21.82%
6-6.9" 19 ~ 34.55%
7-7.9" 15 ~ 27.27%
8-8.9" 6 ~ 10.91%
9-9.9" 1 ~ 1.82%
Here are the girth numbers:
4-4.4" 3 ~ 5.45%
4.5-4.9" 9 ~ 16.36%
5-5.4" 13 ~ 23.64%
5.5-5.9" 17 ~ 30.91%
6-6.5" 13 ~ 23.64%
These are real mostly measured numbers, no "girl inches" for me. There were ones that I didn't get to actually use a measuring tape with, but by then I was really good at estimating with my hands. (3" is my palm, tip of finger to wrist is 6", fingers in a circle is 6" for girth.)
My #4, 21, 37, 40, 47, 48, 54 were 8" or over in length.
My #4, 6, 18, 22, 25, 34, 35, 37,41, 47, 48, 49, 55 were 6" or over in girth.
Even in my texting with lots of guys (I'd say over 50 that didn't lead to meeting) there wasn't many really big and only a couple that said they were huge, but of course I couldn't verify if they were lying. It was hard to tell in dick pics. I started asking for pics with dollar bills in them to really be able to tell. Then I'd get guys all pissy at me and would unmatch lol.
Note that with time I did find that my favorite 2 guys (tied) both were 7x5.5, they really knew how to get the different angles and had stamina that could last hours.
Then last August I fell and went exclusive with my ex-husbands former friend who was thick as a girls wrist, like 8"x7", before it atrophied when he went sex free/low masturbation for 7 years to take care of his daughter (It grew for me but only 5.5"x6" - so keep stroking it) Unfortunately he broke up with me Monday so I'm super hurt and sad that I lost my dream big dick.
Any way, there are some data to think about. If you have any questions, I'm clearly a pretty open person that doesn't get bent out of shape, though I dread the nasty messages I might get as the last comment got me one.
For those that are statistical, you can check out the spreadsheet on . There is summaries of Cut, # of Times, Average Rating, Age and Site.

Edit 1:For location, I'm in the USA - midwest region. Not sure if that makes a difference in the pool selection...
Edit 2: Measured at the biggest spot, bone pressed.
Edit 3: My vagina can take 6.75" of a dildo. Aroused from masturbating about 7" but haven't ever measured during/after a long sex session.
I love sex and over 4 months was in pursuit to land a massive one!
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2020.07.10 00:58 M_Dupperton Positive 39w induction w/ surprise NICU stay for blood type incompatibility (happy ending)

I was scheduled for 39w induction due to GD, albeit well-controlled, and prior delivery of an 11 lb baby at 41+2 after 41w induction. Somehow my delivery with my son was easy despite his size - one hour of pushing, no pain w/ an epidural, and no recovery pain by day 2. However he experienced temporary arm palsy due to nerve compression, and though it fully resolved, it easily could have been permanent. So this time around, I truly wanted to avoid delivering a huge baby.
My 36+2 growth scan with this one showed 96th percentile weight and 99th percentile head, suggesting a constitutionally large baby rather than GD-induced. Very similar to my son, who's BMI at 11 lbs was 50th percentile. So between her size and the ARRIVE trial, we scheduled the induction at 39w.
Induction Experience
On arrival, I was found to be 2 cm and 50% effaced, so I skipped misoprostol and went to a cervical balloon. They gave me two options for the balloon, the 5cm Cook and a smaller one. My balloon with my son had been very comfortable (turns out it was the smaller balloon), so I opted to go for the larger Cook. I did have some cramping that made sleep difficult, but watching Hamilton on Disney Plus (!) was okay, especially after I requested tylenol (Induction Tip: Request max dose/975 mg tylenol before your balloon placement). 3.5 hours later, the balloon came out while I was peeing, as is common. I was found to be 6cm dilated. I think we started pitocin around this time.l (Induction Tip: I do think the larger balloon was worth the discomfort, but if you want to go slow, choose the smaller option)
After the balloon removal, I had zero pain despite some contractions on the monitor. Still, I opted for an epidural - the next step was to break my water, and with my son, that step is what induced painful contractions (common). (Induction Tip: Request your epidural before your water is broken, even if you aren't in pain!). Sometimes epidurals can take an hour or more to be placed after request, depending on how busy the anesthesiology team is, so it's best to request it early if you want one at all (e.g., one of my friends waited 3 hours at Johns Hopkins). (Induction Tip: If you want an epidural at all, request one early - otherwise you may end up waiting for 1++ hours while pain escalates, especially during nights and weekends when anesthesiology staffing is often leaner). The epidural placement was smooth and painlessd, and once placed, my water broke. I began to feel abdominal tightness as my contractions intensified, but NO pain at all.
Suddenly though, my epidural cartridge began alarming that an occlusion was present. At the same time, I started feeling a bit of pelvic discomfort. The anesthesiologist tried multiple ways to troubleshoot. We gave it some more time to tell if the epidural had failed or if my labor was just increasing. Eventually, it was clear that the epidural wasn't functional. I now had 8/10 cramps that were tolerable, but I didn't want to escalate, and felt the pain would limit my pushing. We placed a new epidural, along with a spinal injection (instant delivery of medication into the cerebro-spinal fluid instead of outside the epidural membrane like the epidural catheter). My cramps were GONE right away, phew! (Induction Tip:If you are in severe pain at the time of epidural placement, request a combined spinal-epidural or dural puncture epidural for more immediate relief)
My cervix was checked immediately, I was found to be 10cm. The nurse asked me to do a practice push, and then said, "Wait, stop! I see around 6 cm of head!" The OB team came and I pushed for FOUR MINUTES without pain. Used a mirror for motivation and was soon holding my baby. At 8 lbs 4 ounces, she was lighter than predicted, with no hypoglycemia and perfect APGARs of 9 and 9. I had a small second degree tear.
After that, my placenta was found to be adhered to the uterine wall, preventing it from contracting down and slowing the blood flow. The OB had to do a manual extraction, which meant putting her whole hand in my uterus and feeling around to peel off the placenta. It literally felt like she was up around my ribs. Thanks to the dense anesthesia, there was no pain, but there was a lot of pressure. Without anesthesia, this step would have been absolutely excrutiating and traumatic. (Induction Tip: Consider the epidural!! You never know what might happen - whether emergency c-section, emergency placental extraction, etc). The anesthesia allowed her to work efficiently, but it still took maybe 10-15 mins and I lost 2L of blood. They gave me meds to slow the bleeding by contracting the uterus, and this caused some nausea. I ended up in a cycle of drinking a ton of water due to thirst from blood loss, followed by puking it all up due to nausea with a full stomach. Repeat x4, despite my husband coaching me to take the water slow. I felt fine without it in my stomach, so I kept thinking, "Maybe this time will be okay!" Eventually with zofran and reglan, it was.
Day 1 with Baby
I'd been worried about potential delivery complications and celebrated in having a largely easy delivery. Little girl was a beauty and thrived right away - breastfeeding was easy and she nursed for up to an hour at a time. She was very alert, pooped a bunch, etc. I had very little discomfort. But then we got some rough news.
Due to our blood type incompatibility (me O-, her A+), her bilirubin was tested early at 12 hours (vs 24) and found to be markedly elevated at 10.8. Severely elevated bilirubin can cause permanent neurological damage. She was nowhere near that range, but the rate of rise was concerning that she'd get there without intervention. She was started immediately on "triple" light therapy, meaning they placed a lot of blue lights around her bassinet in our room. We rechecked her bilirubin a few hours later, and it still rose to 12.1. That bought her transfer to the NICU for "quadruple" light therapy (more intense than the floor lights), plus IV fluids to dilute her bilirubin. Her level of 12.1 was still safe, but the rise needed to be slowed.
The presumed diagnosis was A/O incompatibility - basically my O body made antibodies to A blood during some exposure, whether in this pregnancy or a prior one. During delivery, some of these antibodies snuck across the placenta and started to hemolyze her red blood cells, thereby leaking the bilirubin. There is basically no way to test for this type of blood incompatibility with certainty during pregnancy, and it typically manifests after delivery just like ours did. I did receive rhogham during pregnancy 3x, but this does not protect against A/O, only RH-/RH+ rejection.
The Peds team talked us through the hierarchy for treatment escalation, with lights and fluids first line, but then some other treatments available if the initial steps didn't work. These treatments (IVIG, exchange transfusion) that had potential side effects, including ET having a rare but real risk of necrotizing enterocolitis, a potentially fatal intestinal condition. Hearing all that was stressful, especially with the whiplash of our previously perfect day. Also, while we waited to see if these treatments would be necessary, little girl had to forego eating, all while in the NICU away from our room. She was also less comfortable now with an opaque eye mask to protect her eyes and no swaddle to maximize skin exposure to her lights. So our day flipped to somewhat scary and sad, though the likelihood of successful treatment was always very high.
NICU Experience
Luckily, her levels started to decline with the light therapy alone. It took four days to get a big enough drop to remove her overhead lights and allow her to be swaddled with a light below her, but at least she was safe through this time. We knew her levels were unlikely to rise to a dangerous point and that she would almost certainly not need invasive therapies. The shock at her initial diagnosis changed to acceptance and even thankfulness that her issues were so treatable. In another part of the world, or in a different context (e.g., home birth with no post-delivery labs planned), she could have ended up in real trouble with lifelong neuro damage. In our situation, she faced a maximum of two weeks of treatment before being expected to come home 100% healthy.
Currently, she may be discharged in another two days, just five days after her birth and ICU admission. We'll know more when the bottom light is removed - we have to see if her bilirubin rises without the light therapy. We can't wait to bring her home and introduce her to big brother and to my parents, who are waiting there.
Overall, our NICU stay has been an exercise in sleep deprivation. Husband and I have been trading shifts in order to be with little girl 24/7 in the NICU. This isn't actually necessary - she's received excellent care - but we've liked to give extra TLC and to have me breastfeed/pump with her whenever possible (I've only missed two - once to sleep, once for an iron transfusion for my hemorrhage). Until Day 4, we couldn't hold her other than feeds, but we could still be there to straighten her bili light shades if they shift, replace her pacifier, give her head rubs, etc. Now on Day 5, we can hold her on her bili blanket, we're getting lots of snuggles, albeit with a tangle of wires involved (EKG, pulse ox, temp probe, IV line).
For the first three nights, I was an inpatient myself with a room down the hall. We then had one additional night (last night) in a bare bones NICU parent room. Today we lost that room, and so we're transitioning to home with alternating 12 hour day/night shifts. As an inpatient, I kept to a 3-hour feeding schedule with breastfeeding and pumping. This started around 5 hours into her NICU stay, once the possibility of needing the more invasive therapies was over. I pumped after every feed because I wanted a freezer stash for her ASAP for if/when I eventually had to miss a feed or transition to moving home. In between feeding times, husband and I traded shifts for 24/7 coverage.
My feeding schedule took around an hour - some time for observing her nursing assessments and participating in care (diaper change, etc), then breastfeeding for up to 20 mins or so, burping, placing her back in her bassinet with all of her lines organized, and then pumping for another 15 mins or so. This left me 2 hours in between feeds for sleep, hygiene, food, my own post-delivery care, etc. So I've mainly taken 1:15 naps. For the first two days in the NICU, husband and I traded naps depending on who was most tired. On day 3, we transitioned to schedule with naps clustered overnight for me and a long daytime sleep for him. This was in preparation for potentially losing our NICU parent room at some point - we had no idea when. (NICU Tip: Try to cluster your sleep in one part of the day rather than around the clock - you'll feel more rested on less sleep). This proved a good move since we lost the NICU room today, but were cued up for me to finish the full day and husband to return tonight.
Post Partum Hemorrhage Treatment
With my 2L hemorrhage, my hemoglobin dropped from 11-something to 9.1. My husband (internal medicine trained), calculated the amount of iron my body would need to replace this (google online calculators for this), and it was a boatload. The calculator said it would take a year to replete this with oral iron, because our bodies only ingest so much iron from the GI tract, no matter how much is taken. So this prompted me to ask for and receive an iron transfusion during my stay. (Hemorrhage tip: go for the iron transfusion!) This will mean a faster recovery of my anemia as well as NO constipation or other side effects of oral iron.
Uterine hemorrhage also meant that I'm at increased risk for deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in my recovery. So I was supposed to be started on lovenox at discharge. The OB counseled me on this immediately after delivery, but then left it off my discharge summary and never ordered the script. I caught this error myself. (Hospital tip: Listen to post-op instructions! Take notes! Physicians are not infallible).
Feelings on Our Birth Story - Mostly Just Gratitude
Initially it was a shock to lose our chance at an essentially perfect delivery experience and to have our expectations for the week dashed. It also sucked to have YET ANOTHER problem (ABO incompatibility) added to our long list of fertility issues to date. Maybe the worst of it was the feeling that our daughter wasn’t really ours or even real - she’d seemed like an impossible dream both before and during pregnancy, and just when she became real and present, we were separated before we even got to know her. We couldn’t see her eyes (Biko shades), couldn’t do skin-to-skin except feedings, and she couldn’t see us. Even her brief times without her mask showed her only our masked faces - no smiles.
But shock and disappointment transitioned to gratitude that our NICU stay is temporary and largely low risk/acuity. We saw many sad stories around us in the NICU. We don't know the details due to HIPAA, but the babies' tiny sizes and numbers of infusion medications suggested a very long road. We'd overhear bits of conversations containing phrases like, "goals of care," or "global ischemic injury." This morning, the baby in the room over from ours died. So it's hard to feel too sad about our situation when our main issue has been determining her day of discharge, and the maximum treatment window is only two weeks. It feels like Fed Ex has a package of good news for us, but when we click the tracking number, the package is still at the distribution center. But at least we know that it’s there and sometime within a few days it will be on the truck to our home.
I'm grateful that ABO incompatibility isn't likely to endanger any future pregnancies, should we be lucky enough to have another. We'd have a high chance of a NICU stay like this one, but low likelihood of in utero complications. While I'm not excited to experience another week or two like this, it's also a small trade in exchange for an actual baby. We'll have decades with this one, while this stay is only a tiny fraction of that time.
I'm grateful that we had so much logistical support with our stay. We live 8 mins from our hospital, so going home has been an easy option even if we chose not to. Our toddler son has been at our house with my parents, who quarantined with us for three weeks prior to our daughter's birth and are willing to stay for weeks after. Our son is in the very best hands, and he's so comfortable with them, so we haven't had many worries about his well-being during this time. Still, we've had a low threshold for returning home and building in time with him. We just haven't had to do that quite yet. At least one silver lining of having to leave the hospital is that our 12 hour shift timing can build in an hour or two for each of us with our son. We chose to split 11:30-11:30 for that reason. Without all of these logistical factors in our favor, our NICU stay would have meant a lot more time away from our daughter, and more stress in being away from our son.
I'm grateful that our copay for the NICU stay will only be $600, as will our copay for the delivery. In reading the NICU parents board on reddit, it's clear that many families receive enormous bills for their stay. Apparently there often some way to get medicaid coverage for it, but I'm thankful not to have to figure out that route.
Edit: In thinking about this post, I realized I’d left out gratitude for my husband. I didn’t even think of his support and partnership, because it’s just a given. We have the same values and 95% of the time are on the same page. He shares my commitment to our daughter and all the ways that we’ve chosen to balance other commitments - to our son, to each other, to our own well-being. I can sleep tonight knowing that he’s at the hospital with our daughter and that he wants to be there just as much as I do. We have our moments of friction with exhaustion, of course, but they are rare and short when the situation really hits the fan. We’ve been through so much together and I don’t know where I’d be without him. I’m so grateful that he’s my husband and the father to our children.
Thanks to All of You!
Thank you to all of you for your support in our journey to date. The reddit IF communities have been a priceless resource to me. Please feel free to reach out with questions on any of this, or if there's ever anything I can do to help any of you. We're all a team here, and I've so loved being a member, even if I wish that none of us had reason to join.
Edit: I keep forgetting things that I want to add! I’ll add my 37w ECV experience for breech in another post tomorrow.
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2020.07.09 23:48 WeathersRabbits Skull Of Linda Sue Sherman In The Mexican Restaurant Window.

Updates 7/10/2020\ Updating some information about the restaurant.*
Updates 7/10/2020\ I noticed Linda did not have a profile on Namus. So, I contacted the regional specialist to see if that was something that could be done. They said after they research it some more they might look into doing that!*
Updates 7/10/2020\ Fixing text errors and adding some character information about Linda on her profile.*

This one is a strange case because it seems very obvious. Except for one issue, the skull of the victim is identified and now laid to rest but her body is missing.
This case has a previous post here but it is now archived.
I do not like this case. It is old enough that a proper paper trail is nearly non-existent. I personally think this is the intention of the killer and the era of the time was on their side. Most of my write up is based on other people's blogs. The links and sources are below. I will edit my post and date with any updates I find or more information. Sometimes I add your theories so the next time I post it will be with updated ideas.
The key to this case is going to be a witness or finding the rest of the body. So, if you have any information or a tip, please call the Vinita Park Police Department in Vinita Park, Missouri, (314) 428-7373 or call Unsolved Mysteries at 1-800-876-5353 (If you call the unsolved it just growls at you. It's now a disconnected number.)
Linda Sue Sherman officially vanished on April 22nd, 1985 around 6 pm. According to her husband Donald Edward Sherman, Linda came home after her 2 am work shift. According to Don, they had an argument until around 4 am in the morning which ended with her sleeping on the couch and Don sleeping in their bedroom. Linda did not wake to take their daughter Patty to school. Patty saw her mother laying on the couch with her face to the back. Patty remarks that it was very unusual that her father was taking her to school and that her mother did not wake to even say goodbye.
Don took Patty to school and went to work. He arrives home a little before 6 pm where he states that his wife was running late for work. They didn't speak much and according to him, she was angry and antsy. Linda left for work around 6 pm with no witnesses seeing this event take place. Linda did not report to work that evening and was never seen again.
Don did not report her missing until at least one more full day. The family of Linda had to urge him to do so and Don stated that this was a regular occurrence of her to leave and pointed out that her overnight bag was gone. (Investigators said they did find evidence of missing items from the home) Don stated that she had been cheating hence why they had the argument the other day. Linda's sister Fran of Hazlewood, Missouri talked on the phone every single night with Linda but not get their usual phone call on the 22nd.
Linda did have a history of leaving and she was having a confirmed by law enforcement affair with a man from her work. However, the man had an alibi and was cleared. Linda's family also pointed out that Linda never left Patty alone with Don Sherman because he had threatened to murder the entire family on a previous occasion. Linda had been making moves to secure her independence such as routing her mail to her sisters and sending her paychecks there. Linda's family was aware that she was attempting to leave for good and was having an affair.
Linda's family began a search and made flyers along with offering a 1,000 dollar reward for any information. The next clue was found entirely on a hunch by Fran and her husband Dennis. They went to the St. Louis Lambert Airport and discovered Linda's '97 yellow Volkswagon (Correction it was 1971 car. Thanks peachdoxie) on the first turn into the short-term parking garage. No signs of a struggle and the doors were locked. They could see her school supplies and hat in the car. The trunk was unlocked but there was nothing else there. The airport kept track of cars that were parked longer than 24 hours and this car was marked on April 24th. There was no Linda Sherman that left on any airplanes either. At the time one could just buy a ticket with cash. Linda's family points out it would have been possible to walk back to the Sherman home from the airport and on google maps, it says it would be about a 1 hour and 30-minute walk.
Around this time the case switches lead investigators and Michael Webb began to work the case. It became his obsession and his family's obsession because he pursued this case until he died nearly twenty years later. It is well known that Webb looked into every tiny detail or lead that he could. It is of public opinion that the case was never solved because law enforcement did not care. I think this is untrue.
Everyone tried to move on with their lives at this point because nothing was moving this case forward. Patty moved in with her Maternal Grandmother and saw her father on the weekends. Don became depressed and starting heavy drinking. He attempted to divorce Linda on the grounds that she was cheating and abandoned him. It was overturned, the judge saying they would wait until Linda could consent.
Five years later on 12:30 p.m. on June 28, 1990, Linda's skull was recovered. Casa Gallardo Mexican Restaurant ( which is now permanently closed and removed. (Savydreams says it was a chain restaurant and they worked in another location. It had no skull motifs or decorations there) It is only about 7 minutes from the airport. Two flight attendants happen to look out the window that was on the east side and see a skull placed underneath a yucca plant that was positioned so it was staring back. (Clarification the skull was outside in a small manicured strip but able to be seen from the window inside the restaurant)
The police did not declare the scene a crime as nothing else had been disturbed. The event was classified as 'found human remains' and quickly dismissed as a cruel teenage prank. In the area, a local cemetery was being exhumed and moved. There had already been an incident with teens breaking into the area and taking photos of skeletons. The skull was taken to the morgue and sat on a shelf.
Don was actually at the restaurant that day in the evening. This was his favorite spot to go and drink and he heard reports of the skull being found.
14 months later, on September 6, 1991, a letter arrived at the police. It was an unsealed envelope with a flyer from the restaurant and the day the skull was recovered. One side of it in purple ink sometimes described as rubber-stamped was the sentence. "THE BRIDGETON POLICE HAVE L. SHERMAN'S SKULL."
The skull was taken off the shelf and matched to Linda Sherman's dental records. There were no further clues to gain from the skull or the letter. Both were void of any evidence.
Don was informed at his home and Patty was there as well. Patty said all he told her was "They found your mom" and went to his room. Patty was 16 years old at the time and didn't learn the details until much later through a cousin.
Webb desperate with any leads begged the public for information with a news article. Anytime he went to a police convention he would pull aside detectives that worked the world's most difficult and famous cases. They were not able to provide any more tips or ideas.
When technology had finally advanced enough Webb tried to test the soil samples that were on the skull. They also tested the plant matter growing on the skull. They exhumed Linda's skull and sent her to the University of Columbia in Missouri. They concluded the skull had been buried in a large wooded area in Missouri and that the plant was common purple morning glory. Webb sent cadaver dogs to Perryville, MO where he thought matched the description and a rumor but nothing turned up there.
Unsolved Mysteries aired an episode about the case on July 2, 2001. You can see in-person interviews with her family, Patty, and even Don.
With nothing else to propel the case forward, everyone moved on with their lives. Webb passed away with the case unsolved. Many people from Linda's family passed away as well. Patty Sherman relocated and had her own child. Don relocated, remarried, and passed away.
Linda Sherman is also known as Linda Sue Lutz Sherman. There are no other alias or nicknames that I could discover except for that people may have just called her Linda Sue. Birthday is 19th Oct 1958, St. Louis City, Missouri, and her death is listed as 1985 from her gravestone and April 22nd, 1985 on the find a grave memorial site. Linda's skull is currently buried at Steedman Cemetery in Steedman, Callaway County, Missouri. Linda was working at the U.S. Government Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri. (Renamed National Personnel Records Center) and lived in Vinita Park, Missouri at the time of her disappearance. Linda had a large and loving family who tried to support her and advocated for her. Linda was the youngest of the group with her personality being described as sheltered, quiet, and reserved. (Sister Fran Miller, Brother Dennis Through interviews of family, friends, and co-workers they determined Linda did not have any enemies. The opposite of what Don describes her as. Linda was raised in Florissant on other accounts grew up Dadebridge Court in Ferguson and attending McCluer High School which is still in the St. Louis area. There at McCluer High School, she met future husband Donald Sherman.
They wed on February 10, 1975, at Christ Memorial Baptist Church. Linda was 17 at the time. The couple rented a home next to Linda's parents Walter and Elenora Lutz (both now deceased and buried in the same cemetery as their daughter) Linda gave birth to Patricia Marie Shermanat at 17 years old in August of 1975. Linda still graduated from high school and pursued education. It is noted that Linda's family said their marriage was always strained. During the early years, the often worked opposite work shifts to make ends meet and it was hard on them. Linda worked many jobs; Sears, Site Oil Company, and as a cocktail waitress at the Flaming Pit restaurant. Don was particularly upset by Patty working at the Flaming Pit and said she flirted with many and changed there.
Linda filed for divorce in 1977 in October important to note she wanted the home and custody of Patty. They reconciled and moved to Vanita park in a five-room bungalow it may have been at this address 8300 block of Monroe Ave.
1980 Linda had a miscarriage or a stillbirth and was diagnosed with epilepsy and seizures. The couple chose to not have any more children, something Don reportedly was upset with. This event seemed to be a catalyst for discontentment with the marriage.
Linda suspected Don had tampered with her car and Don told the court he did because it was in his name. The reasons were because he was suspicious of her movements and whereabouts. It was reported he was even jealous of her spending time with her own family. Eventually, she got a protection order and moved to a small apartment in St. Ann, Missouri with Patty after Don threatened suicide and murder of Patty and Linda. The order was granted but after only a month Patty (edit because I switched Patty and Linda around! Thank you teetole) Linda discontinued it on the grounds they were back together. I found a reference in a blog that Linda had actually handwritten a small note with the explanation on why to the judge to explain why she didn't need the protection anymore. That seems very meticulous/thorough of her. Also, she had been described as classy by someone from that court.
In the early months of 1985, Patty decided to finally start putting things together to leave. This time however she saved money, re-rerouted her mail, and then on April 11, 1985, she filed for divorce with Frank Vatterott as her lawyer.

Donald Edward Sherman born April 6, 1957, in Missouri and died 10:54 a.m. on Thursday, May 07, 2015, at Good Samaritan Regional Health Center in Mt. Vernon Illinois Don's memorial page says he lived in Nashville along with his wife Sue Gale and her children; John "Jake" (Rebecca) Gale and Tiffany Gale. The memorial mentions a daughter but lists her name as Hanna Sherman of St. Charles, Mo, and not Patty. I assume this was Patty and maybe whoever wrote the obituary did not realize all the details about this daughter. On his memorial page there a virtual candle lit by his "One and only daughter". He was also survived by 4 grandchildren; Jax, Jasmine, Noah, and Emmalyn Gale. A brother; Ken Sherman of Missouri and numerous friends. His obituary also describes him as a "manufacturing machinist and loved to build things. He enjoyed hunting and spending time with loved ones." Interesting as he has no final burial spot as he was cremated.
Don worked as a gas station attendant, a manufacturing machinist, it's reported as well as various factory jobs.
Don is described most often as controlling, verbally abusive, physically abusive, and very jealous. Linda's brother said Don would have a fit even she even went out to lunch with her own brother. There was a confirmed incident in which Don admits to disabling his wife's car. Don has an interview on the unsolved mysteries episode. I would appreciate anyone with good body language skills to watch it and leave their thoughts. Body language is not my strong suit.
Don had wild theories about what happened to his wife and often convoluted the casework with them. He also was offended that that police made him the main suspect. One week after his wife's disappearance he told police that he had seen her in a truck/van with another man and had ducked out of sight when he chased afteyelled. At one point he said she had been killed for her involvement in a cocaine ring at her workplace. Then he said the skull was placed at his favorite restaurant to frame him or intimidate him. sometimes he'd deflect the topic entirely by saying things like "I don't remember exactly what was going through my head," he says now. "It's way too long ago to remember that."
Don lawyered up right away with Frank Anzalone and refused polygraph testing and even his choice in lawyers was Bizzare because it was the same lawyer that represented his mother. February 25, 1974, his mother Audrey shot her husband and tried to say someone broke into the house. They found the gun in the air duct. His mother went to prison just after they were married and served 6 months in jail. Don says the murder happened because they were both alcoholics. Don also said his choice in lawyer was simply because he already knew him.
Lieutenant Michael Webb started his way as a patrol officer in 1974 and ended up being a Police Cheif of Vanita park police in 2001. Webb also was an investigator for the Major Case Squad. Webb refused to allow the case to rest and investigated it for over twenty years. February 4, 2009, due to pancreatic cancer he passed away in his own home of St. Peters. Webb had a son Sean Webb who spoke of the fact his father didn't want this case to be forgotten so that he could get justice for Linda. "Frankly, this has become a sort of an obsession for us and for the family," Mr. Webb told reporters in 1993. "In addition to his son, survivors include his wife, Donna J. Webb of St. Peters; two other sons, Nicholas Webb of San Diego and Daniel Webb of St. Peters; a stepdaughter, Dawn Waters of Stillwater, Okla.; a stepson, Tim Nolting of St. Charles County; his mother, Maryann Webb of St. Peters; a brother, Gene Webb of Creve Coeur; two grandchildren; and five stepgrandchildren." - Obituary Webb was buried at St. Charles Memorial Gardens and any memorial contributions can be made to the BackStoppers.
Michael Webb was a true-crime memorabilia collector and also a supporter of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund.

Patrica Marie Sherman was born in August of 1976. Patty is now Patty Harvell of Attica, Indiana. Patty still has recurrent nightmares of the last day she had seen her mother. Though she is aware her father is the main suspect of this case she still hopes for closure and wants to bring all of her Mother's body home to rest. “In my heart, I think that he might’ve done it. You know, I can’t think of anybody else who would’ve.” -Interview from Unsolved Mysteries.
Notes/Thoughts/Theories/Loose Ideas
Watch the interviews from Unsolved Mysteries; Patty Sherman's body language is interesting. When speaking about the last time she had seen her mother she shakes her head adamantly no. It was obviously a traumatic moment because in other news articles she says she has recurrent nightmares about this moment even into adulthood. When speaking in the rest of the interview she does not shake her head no but is not steady and adamant.
I wonder if she doesn't know just a little more than she is letting on? Did Don threaten her to never speak of something? After all, he did previously threaten to murder Linda AND Patty. It's an interesting theory to think about especially since a lot of people seem to think Don had an accomplice at least with hiding his wife's body.
Most people seem to think Linda was dead on the couch that morning or dying.
Did Patty actually go to the school that day? What time did she come home? Did she not encounter her mother at home after school?
Don's jealousy went from insanely persistent and intense to none after her disappearance. I wonder if that's because he knows where she is.
Interesting that her skull appears at a restaurant especially since Don particularly got jealous of her going out to lunch with her brother. I wonder if this was one last dinnelunch date that she could not refuse.
The fact her car was locked but the trunk unlocked was also interesting.
If I understand the timeline of events correctly... Don would have had a day or so to hide Linda's body but I think it would have been done a little at a time to avoid long periods of absentees.
Linda's death date listed on her memorial website is April 22nd. Obviously Patty or Linda's other family would have had to choose this date. I find that interesting that they believe she had died on that day and not a few days after.
Don uses his wife's full name during the interviews. Just a strange quirk. I'm not sure what to make of it. I read someone thought this might indicate his dissociative nature to her at this point.
Don may not have kept contact with Patty as his obit either omits her or mistakes her information. Indicative someone wrote the obit that didn't have much information about Patty. They lived in different states.
Many people seem to agree that Don killed his wife and had to have evidence of her death in order to remarry/divorce from her legally.
People rumor that the skull was placed at that particular restaurant simply because Don knew it well enough to take the risk of placing it there. It's interesting he even had a flimsy reason on why at the ready.
My impression of Don is that he is the kind of man that mixes a whole lot of truth with a little bit of a lie.
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2020.07.09 23:24 ToadBrigade5 Ranking every PM Chapter/World before TOK releases: #09

Ranking every PM ChapteWorld before TOK releases: #09
Welcome back to the Top 10s everyone. If you're just now joining us, this project has been ranking one or two chapters a day to count down to The Origami King's release, but also just to reflect and take a walk down memory lane. The rankings positions are purely the opinions of me and u/ulk96. More information can be found on the first post, Rank #36, and every previous entry is linked at the bottom of the page.
Sorry if this post may be coming out a little late. there's a lot of TOK footage I'm going to watch now, and I did sleep in a little!
Hey it could be worse! You could be a wet floor sign.
Chapter 3: The Bitlands, Super Paper Mario
If any one chapter could be called well designed in Super Paper Mario, it'd be the Bitlands. The Bitlands stands out in a game full of stand out narrative elements coupled with frustrating gameplay mechanics as the most polished and playable chapter, and the story included isn't downplayed for it. Not only does it couple healthy level design, it also features a variety of secrets, amusing dialogue, and Bowser, the best character in the game. However, because Chapter 3 has a variety of positive qualities and I'm going to walk through them in this order: The narrative, the gameplay, and then Francis. You're welcome.
The Bitlands sees Tippi kidnapped by Francis at the beginning, and the chapter revolves around going to rescue her. I actually appreciate this, because separating the team from Tippi is an attack against the status quo of the game, which is very much appreciated because the game will take a while before that status quo is completely destroyed. In addition, if the player was to be separated from their primary partner, this was likely the time to do it.
Tippi is a fantastic ally who's very well woven into the plot, but it's hard to say she makes a good first impression. We're not talking about a deliberate "bad" first impression like Luvbi, because that's how the game wants you to feel. But until Tippi slowly starts to become more relevant to the story, it's hard to care about her initially. Her gameplay mechanic of revealing invisible objects is frustrating (we'll get to that), and she's written with way, way too many ellipses. Having her be kidnapped and rescued, and then start to open up more is a very intelligent way of easing the player into her character arc in a natural way while keeping her depressed in the opening as she very well has earned the right to be. This chapter introduces the last early party member, so setting up Tippi to become relevant from the next arc onward was very good planning and I commend this chapter for it.
After Tippi is kidnapped, you're informed that in order to reach Fort Francis and save her, you need to "bomb the red X, toast the red flipper, and ride the red wind" by Barry, an optional Pixl you can unlock by returning after the chapter ends. I appreciate this riddle a lot actually, as it really helps split the early chapters into the section format, and is a genuinely fun concept that helps flesh out the journey to Fort Francis.
Bombing the red X, of course, blows up Bowser's Castle and introduces the best party member in the game, because everything out of Bowser's mouth is comedy gold and this doesn't come at the cost of him not being taken seriously. He's still an effective character, who has the same respect Mario, Peach and Luigi have if not more, and who takes the narratively seriously even if he and everyone else is aware he's not as book smart as the others. Not to mention, this is the first time Bowser's been an official ally since Mario RPG, and it just feels awesome.

You all asked about this part.
Both 3-2 and 3-3 are good levels, in my opinion, for a couple of reasons. The first of which is that they're willing to change up the gameplay and graphical style from the rest of the world. Often times, Super Paper Mario doesn't benefit from segmenting it's chapters, but the Bitlands are the only instance where I think they pull it off. Maybe it's that the retro, pixelated aesthetic lends itself better to classic level structures, but more importantly, they take the time to give each section it's own identity.
While 3-1, 3-2, and 3-3 all share the pixelated aesthetic, they are different levels. A grassland, a water level, and a vertical tree that all look absolutely gorgeous in their own ways. They also play very distinctly. While 3-1 has standard Mario platforming, it's pretty good Mario platforming that relies less on the Pixls, and the use of Koopa enemies means that the broken EXP mechanic means less in regards to the challenge. 3-2 feels like a water level done right which is a very good intro to Bowser, because for some reason, his fire breath is invaluable... under water... Funny how that works huh? And 3-3 is a tower level which I've always enjoyed in Mario. Vertical levels can be frustrating if you fall down too far, but more importantly, they change up the game style and are memorable, and feel like a natural evolution of platforming mechanics. 3-3 also had a number of genuinely interesting puzzles in it's branches that I really appreciated, and climbing a tree in order to ride the wind over a chasm was very creative.
What I really like about these levels though is that they all have their own boss in order to feel more climactic. I mentioned that this Chapter makes the best use of SPM's level structure and well. What better way to use that right than to make each level have it's own proper conclusion before the next? While Bowser as a boss isn't very fun, it's still satisfying beating him into your party, especially since it's a showdown of rivals. I adored Big Blooper, because it's cinematic and nonstandard, with an interesting moveset and a weakness that's foreshadowed very well and makes use of the new party member. And finally, Dimentio is a very fun fight and character who we will cover... later!
I do think Super Paper Mario should drop the level system as a whole, but maybe it can be kept for Chapter 3. As a bit of a retro reference, because the whole thing is a parody of classic video games anyway, making one specific chapter break the formula in a retro way would be cool.

Am I worthy of talking about this?
Fort Francis is the only non-linear dungeon in the game. Maybe the Whoa Zone counts too, but this is the only case where things can be done out of order, and it's not a straight path to the goal. Rather, the goal is accessible but needs to be returned to. It has a much stronger dungeon feeling as a result and a more open sense of exploration as you go about the Fort.
Beyond that, I do like the way the exterior of the castle foreshadows the fact that Francis didn't make this fort, and that the Pure Heart is inside. Francis is nerdy and modern and the classical architecture is a clash with his personality.... until you go inside and you find that he *did* make the interior his own after all. But why wouldn't he bother with the exterior? Because he doesn't go outside enough to care about it. It's a very nice, in character touch and hint that this Castle used to belong to the Ancients and that they may still have hid the Pure Heart here. Not that anyone doubted they'd find the Pure Heart, because it's the fourth level in the chapter, but you didn't technically come here for it.
Fiiiiiiiiiiiine, I'll talk about Francis himself!
What can I honestly say that hasn't been said though? Francis is an absolutely legendary satire of the worst of gamer culture, and it's telling that after many many years, the quotes throughout his level, particularly in his security quizzes are STILL constantly memed. The most common one being "I love complaining about games I haven't played!", but all the others are just as well written. And while you'd think that criticizing your main audience is a terrible strategy for any product, Francis is written in such a manner that it crosses that line twice and loops back around to being funny. Because the depth to the criticisms and desperation goes far enough that it becomes a thing that only the actual gamer would quite understand the cutting accuracy. He's absolutely hilarious.
Of course, there's the social awkwardness aspect. I mean, cat girl maids. Come on, he has female, cat maids. There's no way that was a coincidence. I mean hey, Japan's apparently actually working on cat girls so maybe Nintendo knew something we didn't.
The overall point is that Francis is the kind of character you love to see, but also really want to slug in the face. While he's mostly confined to one level with a brief cameo in 3-1, he owns his time in 3-4 with a constant presence. It's especially great how Peach has to be the one to confront him. Not only does this give a way for your party members to stay relevant, but she also gets to show off a more genuine personality here. That she isn't just a Princess to be kidnapped, that she has her own spine even if she usually chooses to play nice. In general, the dating sim scene is absolutely hilarious and I loved it.

Overall, Chapter 3 has the most polish and attention put into it. There's a number of things I haven't mentioned, like the Megakoopa easter egg and such because it is just really alive. It puts the four level structure of the Chapter's to effect use, it's fun and dynamic to play, features one of the best final levels, introduces the best character, and has a villain so hilarious we still can't forget him and what he said about our culture as gamers. Altogether, it's just a very strong chapter that's the best of what Super Paper Mario has to offer in terms of standard chapters. However, what's most lackluster here is the lack of a real narrative, which is something that Super Paper Mario specializes in. The final Super Paper Mario Chapter to be ranked, Chapter 8, best symbolizes the story as a whole, while not particularly lacking in this Chapter's strong suits either, which is why it ended up higher.
Previous Entries: Rank #36 Rank #35 Rank #34 Rank #33 Rank #32 Rank #31 Rank #30 Rank #29 Rank #28 Rank #27 Rank #26 Rank #25 ( Bonus ) Rank #24 Rank #23 Rank #22 Rank #21 ( Bonus ) Rank #20 Rank #19 Rank #18 Rank #17 Rank #16 Rank #15 Rank #14 Rank #13 Rank #12 Rank #11 Rank #10
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2020.07.09 21:49 LawStudentAndrew [WTS] Mystery Bag, Foreign Coin Lot, Liberty Nickels, Silver Certificates, OLD states and foreign currency, Hammered English Coins, price drops, MORE Morgans, RARE varieties

Coins ordered today (Thursday) will be shipped Saturday.
Looking to trade for libertads (silver).
1: Currency
2: Base
3: Silver
Junk Lot
1: Random bag of junk no clue what most of the coins are - - $15 shipped SOLD
2: Foreign Base Metal Coins - - $10 + Shipping
Currency I am new to currency and any pricing advice you have would be appreciated sorry if they are off
Old State/International Currency
4 x international bills (britain and italty) - $15
$5 1832 Bank of Gallipolis Ohio - $20
$5 The City Bank Augusta Georgia - $18
The Mechanics Bank Georgetown DC (believe 1850s) - $14
$1 Northern Bank of Kentucky (worse one) - $12
$1 Northern Bank of Kentucky (better of the two) - $20
Silver Certs
10 x 1935 series D look crisp consecutive dollars - $100
12 x 1935 series A look crisp (no clue how to grade) consecutive - $130
1957 Circulated - $1.50 sold
1957 w/ MLK cut out - $2.50


1,500 x 1940s and 1950s wheats - $2 $1.75 per roll (limited number of penny wrappers coins may come in a bag) Random handful: these are unsearched for varieties by me
Indian Head Penny Roll #1: - problem free better condition few pre 1900 - $60
Indian Head Penny Roll #2: - some problems mostly good shape with better details more pre 1900 - $55
36 x V Nickel Lot - $25
11 x Buffalo Nickel Lot - - some better condition some older some issues - $4
New additions offers accepted
1883 V Nickel No Cents UNC Details - $25
1814 "StatesofAmerica" Capped Bust Dime env dmg - $175
1867/67 Indian Head Penny - $165
Older price dropped on some
Large Cents & Half Cents & Two Cents
1807 draped bust cent holed - $18
1802 draped bust cent - $16
1828 half cent large hole - $18
1828 half cent - small holed - $16
1828 large cent lg narrow date - $10 [pend]
1854 large cent - $9
1864 2 Cent - $14
1865 2 cent fancy 5 better condition- $25
Small Cents and Nickel
1857 flying eagle cent (possibly 57/57)- $45
1864 with L Indian Head Cent + env dmg - $35
1867 indian head cent - ag - $8
1880 indian head cent better shape - $27
1892 ihp - $2
1895 ihp - $2
1903 ihp - $1
1941 wheat clipped - $6
1925 s - damaged semi key - $3
1859 ihp and 1867 ddo two cent
1859 - $90
1867 ddo - $200


Hammered English
Edward I - IV Penny - broken - $12
Elizabeth I Threepence - $16
Cut Farthing - $9 SOLD
Elizabeth I Threepence - $20
Elizabeth I Twopence broken - $15
1896 p Rainbow Toned UNC - $75
1886 p Fire and Ice (Monster?) Toned - $175
1890 cc (I think it is approx XF) - $165
1899 o micro o - $50
1901 p - $60
1894 o (old cleaning) - $55
1832 half dime vf details but repaired/holed - $40
1821 bust dime small date env damage - $13
1924 standing liberty quarter - $12 [pend]
1929 s standing liberty quarter harshly cleaned/whizzed nice details - $20
1825 capped bust half xf details repaired/cleaned - $90
no date - $5
1851 - little bent - $15
1852 - great coin! - $85
1860 - great details looks like an old cleaning - $145 [pend]
$5 face value lot ($1.5 in dateless slq, $2.5 in walkers $1 mercs) - 15x face or offer by type - 15x face
1893 Expo Halves
first set of 3 - $15 each
second set of 2 - $20 each
last one - $30
Coin Jewelry
Mercury - $1
25 centavos 2nd republic - $5
Chain with 6 x 2nd rep 5 centavos - $20
chain with 3 seated dime love tokens - $20
I accept PPFF, Zelle, and Venmo. I no longer accept Google Pay. I also accept crypto (your fees), cash, and USPS money order. New users without feedback will be limited to smaller purchases of approx $100 unless paying via crypto, cash, or USPS Money order. I also generally accept junk silver, generic rounds, and governmental rounds as payment but it is not guaranteed.
I will not ship outside the US unless you actively know how much it is going to cost to ship to your location from the east coast and are willing to pay that. Preferably you would buy your own label and email it to me. International Shipping is on hold too many issues.
Shipping in the US is $5 for 9 or less ounces, $6 for 10-13oz and then $8 for anything above. I provide insurance at your request and cost. If buying 1 or 2 coins and you want to risky envelope you can for $1 ($1.5 if over 2oz, 3.5oz max). I disclaim liability once I have the package scanned at the post office or in the case of $1 shipping once dropped in the bluebox.
Note: NO NOTES WITH PPFF - if a note is sent I will issue a refund
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